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Airport Marking Aids and Signs

FIG 2−3−30

Taxiway Location Sign

FIG 2−3−31

Taxiway Location Sign Collocated with Runway Holding Position Sign

2−3−9. Location Signs

a. Location signs are used to identify either a

taxiway or runway on which the aircraft is located.

Other location signs provide a visual cue to pilots to

assist them in determining when they have exited an

area. The various location signs are described below.

1. Taxiway Location Sign. This sign has a

black background with a yellow inscription and

yellow border, as shown in FIG 2−3−30. The

inscription is the designation of the taxiway on which

the aircraft is located. These signs are installed along

taxiways either by themselves or in conjunction with

direction signs or runway holding position signs.  

(See FIG 2−3−35 and FIG 2−3−31.)