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Airport Marking Aids and Signs

FIG 2−3−32

Runway Location Sign

FIG 2−3−33

Runway Boundary Sign

2. Runway Location Sign. This sign has a

black background with a yellow inscription and

yellow border, as shown in FIG 2−3−32. The

inscription is the designation of the runway on which

the aircraft is located. These signs are intended to

complement the information available to pilots

through their magnetic compass and typically are

installed where the proximity of two or more runways

to one another could cause pilots to be confused as to

which runway they are on.

3. Runway Boundary Sign. This sign has a

yellow background with a black inscription with a

graphic depicting the pavement holding position

marking, as shown in FIG 2−3−33. This sign, which

faces the runway and is visible to the pilot exiting the

runway, is located adjacent to the holding position

marking on the pavement. The sign is intended to

provide pilots with another visual cue which they can

use as a guide in deciding when they are “clear of the