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Airport Marking Aids and Signs

2−3−15. Security Identifications Display

Area (Airport Ramp Area)

a. Security Identification Display Areas (SIDA)

are limited access areas that require a badge issued in

accordance with procedures in CFR 49 Part 1542.

Movement through or into these areas is prohibited

without proper identification being displayed. If you

are unsure of the location of a SIDA, contact the

airport authority for additional information. Airports

that have a SIDA must have the following

information available:

1. A description and map detailing boundaries

and pertinent features;

2. Measures used to perform the access control

functions required under CFR 49 Part


3. Procedures to control movement within the

secured area, including identification media required

under CFR 49 Part 1542.201(b)(3); and

4. A description of the notification signs

required under CFR 49 Part 1542.201(b)(6).

b. Pilots or passengers without proper identifica-

tion that are observed entering a SIDA (ramp area)

may be reported to TSA or airport security. Pilots are

advised to brief passengers accordingly.