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Other Airspace Areas

not authorize local IFR flights into the temporary
flight restrictions area.

i. To preclude misunderstanding, the implement-

ing NOTAM will contain specific and formatted
information. The facility establishing a temporary
flight restrictions area will format a NOTAM
beginning with the phrase “FLIGHT RESTRIC-
TIONS” followed by: the location of the temporary
flight restrictions area; the effective period; the area
defined in statute miles; the altitudes affected; the
FAA coordination facility and commercial telephone
number; the reason for the temporary flight
restrictions; the agency directing any relief activities
and its commercial telephone number; and other
information considered appropriate by the issuing


1. 14 CFR Section 91.137(a)(1):
The following NOTAM prohibits all aircraft operations
except those specified in the NOTAM.
Flight restrictions Matthews, Virginia, effective immedi-
ately until 9610211200. Pursuant to 14 CFR
Section 91.137(a)(1) temporary flight restrictions are in
effect. Rescue operations in progress. Only relief aircraft
operations under the direction of the Department of
Defense are authorized in the airspace at and below
5,000 feet MSL within a 2

−nautical−mile radius of Laser

AFB, Matthews, Virginia. Commander, Laser AFB, in
charge (897) 946

−5543 (122.4). Steenson FSS

(792) 555

−6141 (123.1) is the FAA coordination facility.

2. 14 CFR Section 91.137(a)(2):
The following NOTAM permits flight operations in
accordance with 14 CFR Section 91.137(a)(2). The on-site
emergency response official to authorize media aircraft
operations below the altitudes used by the relief aircraft.
Flight restrictions 25 miles east of Bransome, Idaho,
effective immediately until 9601202359 UTC. Pursuant to
14 CFR Section 91.137(a)(2) temporary flight restrictions
are in effect within a 4

−nautical−mile radius of the

intersection of county roads 564 and 315 at and below
3,500 feet MSL to provide a safe environment for fire
fighting aircraft operations. Davis County sheriff ’s
department (792) 555

−8122 (122.9) is in charge of

on-scene emergency response activities. Glivings FSS
(792) 555

−1618 (122.2) is the FAA coordination facility.

3. 14 CFR Section 91.137(a)(3):
The following NOTAM prohibits sightseeing aircraft
Flight restrictions Brown, Tennessee, due to olympic
activity. Effective 9606181100 UTC until 9607190200

UTC. Pursuant to 14 CFR Section 91.137(a)(3) temporary
flight restrictions are in effect within a 3


radius of N355783/W835242 and Volunteer VORTAC 019
degree radial 3.7 DME fix at and below 2,500 feet MSL.
Norton FSS (423) 555

−6742  (126.6) is the FAA

coordination facility.

4. 14 CFR Section 91.138:
The following NOTAM prohibits all aircraft except those
operating under the authorization of the official in charge
of associated emergency or disaster relief response
activities, aircraft carrying law enforcement officials,
aircraft carrying personnel involved in an emergency or
legitimate scientific purposes, carrying properly accred-
ited news media, and aircraft operating in accordance with
an ATC clearance or instruction.
Flight restrictions Kapalua, Hawaii, effective 9605101200
UTC until 9605151500
  UTC. Pursuant to 14 CFR
Section 91.138 temporary flight restrictions are in effect
within a 3

−nautical−mile radius of N205778/W1564038

and Maui/OGG/VORTAC 275 degree radial at 14.1
nautical miles. John Doe 808

−757−4469 or 122.4 is in

charge of the operation. Honolulu/HNL 808


(123.6) FSS is the FAA coordination facility.

5. 14 CFR Section 91.141:
The following NOTAM prohibits all aircraft.
Flight restrictions Stillwater, Oklahoma, June 21, 1996.
Pursuant to 14 CFR Section 91.141 aircraft flight
operations are prohibited within a 3

−nautical−mile radius,

below 2000 feet AGL of N360962/W970515 and the
Stillwater/SWO/VOR/DME 176 degree radial 3.8



−mile fix from 1400 local time to 1700 local time

June 21, 1996, unless otherwise authorized by ATC.

6. 14 CFR Section 91.143:
The following NOTAM prohibits any aircraft of U.S.
registry, or pilot any aircraft under the authority of an
airman certificate issued by the FAA.
Kennedy space center space operations area effective
immediately until 9610152100 UTC. Pursuant to 14 CFR
Section 91.143, flight operations conducted by FAA
certificated pilots or conducted in aircraft of U.S. registry
are prohibited at any altitude from surface to unlimited,
within the following area 30

−nautical−mile radius of the

Melbourne/MLB/VORTAC 010 degree radial 21



−mile fix. St. Petersburg, Florida/PIE/FSS


−545−1645 (122.2) is the FAA coordination facility and

should be contacted for the current status of any airspace
associated with the space shuttle operations. This airspace
encompasses R2933, R2932, R2931, R2934, R2935,
W497A and W158A. Additional warning and restricted
areas will be active in conjunction with the operations.
Pilots must consult all NOTAMs regarding this operation.