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Services Available to Pilots

11. SQUAWK VFR. Operate radar beacon

transponder on Code 1200 in the Mode A/3, or other

appropriate VFR code.

4−1−21. Airport Reservation Operations

and Special Traffic Management Programs
This section describes procedures for obtaining

required airport reservations at airports designated by

the FAA and for airports operating under Special

Traffic Management Programs.

a. Slot Controlled Airports.

1. The FAA may adopt rules to require advance

operations for unscheduled operations at certain

airports. In addition to the information in the rules

adopted by the FAA, a listing of the airports and

relevant information will be maintained on the FAA

website listed below.

2. The FAA has established an Airport

Reservation Office (ARO) to receive and process

reservations for unscheduled flights at the slot

controlled airports. The ARO uses the Enhanced

Computer Voice Reservation System (e−CVRS) to

allocate reservations. Reservations will be available

beginning 72 hours in advance of the operation at the

slot controlled airport. Standby lists are not

maintained. Flights with declared emergencies do not

require reservations. Refer to the website or

touch−tone phone interface for the current listing of

slot controlled airports, limitations, and reservation



The web interface/telephone numbers to obtain a

reservation for unscheduled operations at a slot controlled

airport are:


2. Touch−tone: 1−800−875−9694 

3. Trouble number: 540−422−4246.

3. For more detailed information on operations

and reservation procedures at a Slot Controlled

Airport, please see 14 CFR Part 93, Subpart K – High

Density Traffic Airports.

b. Special Traffic Management Programs


1. Special procedures may be established when

a location requires special traffic handling to

accommodate above normal traffic demand (for

example, the Indianapolis 500, Super Bowl, etc.) or

reduced airport capacity (for example, airport

runway/taxiway closures for airport construction).

The special procedures may remain in effect until the

problem has been resolved or until local traffic

management procedures can handle the situation and

a need for special handling no longer exists.

2. There will be two methods available for

obtaining slot reservations through the ATC-

SCC: the web interface and the touch−tone interface.

If these methods are used, a NOTAM will be issued

relaying the website address and toll free telephone

number. Be sure to check current NOTAMs to

determine: what airports are included in the STMP,

the dates and times reservations are required, the time

limits for reservation requests, the point of contact for

reservations, and any other instructions.


The telephone numbers/web address to obtain a STMP slot


1.Touch−tone interface: 1−800−875−9755.

2. Web interface:

3. Trouble number: 540−422−4246.

c. Users may contact the ARO at (540) 422−4246

if they have a problem making a reservation or have

a question concerning the slot controlled airport/

STMP regulations or procedures.

d. Making Reservations.

1. Internet Users. Detailed information and

User Instruction Guides for using the Web interface

to the reservation systems are available on the

websites for the slot controlled airports (e−CVRS),; and STMPs