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Surveillance Systems

FIG 4−5−7

ADS−B, TIS−B, and FIS−B:

Broadcast Services Architecture

b. ADS−B Certification and Performance


ADS−B equipment may be certified as a surveillance

source for air traffic separation services using

ADS−B Out. ADS−B equipment may also be

certified for use with ADS−B In advisory services

that enable appropriately equipped aircraft to

display traffic and flight information. Refer to the

aircraft’s flight manual supplement or Pilot

Operating Handbook for the capabilities of a specific

aircraft installation.

c. ADS−B Capabilities and Procedures.

1. ADS−B enables improved surveillance ser-

vices, both air−to−air and air−to−ground, especially

in areas where radar is ineffective due to terrain or

where it is impractical or cost prohibitive. Initial NAS

applications of air−to−air ADS−B are for “advisory”

use only, enhancing a pilot’s visual acquisition of

other nearby equipped aircraft either when airborne

or on the airport surface. Additionally, ADS−B will

enable ATC and fleet operators to monitor aircraft

throughout the available ground station coverage