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Arrival Procedures

5−4−15. Simultaneous Independent ILS/RNAV/GLS Approaches

FIG 5−4−22

Simultaneous Independent ILS/RNAV/GLS Approaches

a. System. An approach system permitting si-

multaneous approaches to parallel runways with

centerlines separated by at least 4,300 feet.

Separation between 4,300 and 9,000 feet (9,200’ for

airports above 5,000’) utilizing NTZ final monitor

controllers. Simultaneous independent approaches

require NTZ radar monitoring to ensure separation

between aircraft on the adjacent parallel approach

course. Aircraft position is tracked by final monitor

controllers who will issue instructions to aircraft

observed deviating from the assigned final approach

course. Staggered radar separation procedures are not

utilized. Integral parts of a total system are radar,

communications, ATC procedures, and ILS or other

required airborne equipment. A chart note identifies

that the approach is authorized for simultaneous use.

When simultaneous operations are in use, it will be

advertised on the ATIS. When advised that simulta-

neous approaches are in use, pilots must advise

approach control immediately of malfunctioning or

inoperative receivers, or if a simultaneous approach

is not desired. Although non−precision minimums

may be published, pilots must only use those proce-

dures specifically authorized by chart note. For

example, the chart note “LNAV NA during simulta-

neous operations,” requires vertical guidance. When

given a choice, pilots should always fly a precision

approach whenever possible.


ATC does not use the word independent or parallel when

advertising these operations on the ATIS.

Simultaneous ILS Runway 24 left and ILS Runway 24 right

approaches in use.