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2. Observations & Warnings (Obs/Warn).

The Obs/Warn option provides an option to display

weather data for the current time and the previous

14 hours (rounded to the nearest hour). Users may

advance through time using the arrow buttons or by

clicking on the desired hour. Provided below are the

Obs/Warn product tabs available on the GFA website:

(b) Precipitation/Weather (PCPN/WX)
(c) Ceiling & Visibility (CIG/VIS)
(d) Pilot Reports (PIREP)
(e) Radar & Satellite (RAD/SAT)

3. The GFA will be continuously updated and

available online at


Upon clicking the link above, select INFO

on the top right corner of the map display. The next

screen presents the option of selecting Overview,

Products, and Tutorial. Simply select the tab of

interest to explore the enhanced digital and graphical

weather products designed to replace the legacy FA.

Users should also refer to AC 00−45,  Aviation

Weather Services, for more detailed information on

the GFA.

4. GFA Static Images. Some users with

limited internet connectivity may access static

images via the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) at:



are two static graphical images available, titled

Aviation Cloud Forecast and Aviation Surface

Forecast. The Aviation Cloud Forecast provides

cloud coverage, bases, layers, and tops with Airmet

Sierra for mountain obscuration and Airmet Zulu for

icing overlaid. The Aviation Surface Forecast

provides visibility, weather phenomena, and winds

(including wind gusts) with Airmet Sierra for

instrument flight rules conditions and Airmet Tango

for sustained surface winds of 30 knots or more

overlaid. These images are presented on ten separate

maps providing forecast views for the entire CONUS

on one and nine regional views which provide more

detail for the user. They are updated every 3 hours and

provide forecast snapshots for 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and

18 hours into the future. (See FIG 7−1−2 and

FIG 7−1−3.)

FIG 7−1−2

Aviation Surface Forecast