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Types of Charts Available

5. Caribbean VFR Aeronautical Charts. 

Caribbean 1 and 2 (CAC−1 and CAC−2) are designed

for visual navigation to assist familiarization of

foreign aeronautical and topographic information.

The aeronautical information includes visual and

radio aids to navigation, airports, controlled airspace,

special−use airspace, obstructions, and related data.

The topographic information consists of contour

lines, shaded relief, drainage patterns, and a selection

of landmarks used for flight under VFR. Cultural

features include cities and towns, roads, railroads,

and other distinct landmarks. Scale 1 inch =

13.7 nm/1:1,000,000. CAC−1, revised annually,

consists of two sides measuring 30” x 60” each. 

CAC−2, revised biennially, consists of two sides

measuring 20” x 60” each. (See FIG 9−1−3.)

FIG 9−1−3

Caribbean VFR Aeronautical Charts