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Types of Charts Available

4. U.S. VFR Wall Planning Chart.

 This chart

is designed for VFR preflight planning and chart
selection. It includes aeronautical and topographic
information of the conterminous U.S. The aeronauti-
cal information includes airports, radio aids to
navigation, Class B airspace and special use airspace.
The topographic information includes city tint,
populated places, principal roads, drainage patterns,
and shaded relief. Scale 1 inch = 43 nm/ 1:3,100,000.
The one-sided chart is 59 x 36 inches and ships
unfolded for wall mounting. Chart is revised
biennially. (See FIG 9




U.S. VFR Wall Planning Chart

5. Charted VFR Flyway Planning Charts.

This chart is printed on the reverse side of selected
TAC charts. The coverage is the same as the
associated TAC. Flyway planning charts depict flight
paths and altitudes recommended for use to bypass
high traffic areas. Ground references are provided as
a guide for visual orientation. Flyway planning charts
are designed for use in conjunction with TACs and
sectional charts and are not to be used for navigation.
Chart scale 1 inch = 3.43 nm/1:250,000.

d. Supplementary Charts and Publications.

1. Chart Supplement U.S.

This 7


booklet series contains data on airports, seaplane
bases, heliports, NAVAIDs, communications data,
weather data sources, airspace, special notices, and
operational procedures. Coverage includes the
conterminous U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin

Islands. The Chart Supplement U.S. shows data that
cannot be readily depicted in graphic form; for
example, airport hours of operations, types of fuel
available, runway widths, lighting codes, etc. The
Chart Supplement U.S. also provides a means for
pilots to update visual charts between edition dates
(The Chart Supplement U.S. is published every 56
days while Sectional Aeronautical and VFR Terminal
Area Charts are generally revised every six months).
The Aeronautical Chart Bulletins (VFR Chart Update
Bulletins) are available for free download at the AIS
website. Volumes are side

−bound 5−3/8 x 8−1/4

inches. (See FIG 9


2. Chart Supplement Alaska.

This is a

civil/military flight information publication issued by
FAA every 56 days. It is a single volume booklet
designed for use with appropriate IFR or VFR charts.
The Chart Supplement Alaska contains airport
sketches, communications data, weather data
sources, airspace, listing of navigational facilities,
and special notices and procedures. Volume is

−bound 5−3/8 x 8−1/4 inches.

3. Chart Supplement Pacific.

This supple-

ment is designed for use with appropriate VFR or IFR
en route charts. Included in this one

−volume booklet

are the chart supplement, communications data,
weather data sources, airspace, navigational facili-
ties, special notices, and Pacific area procedures. IAP
charts, DP charts, STAR charts, airport diagrams,
radar minimums, and supporting data for the
Hawaiian and Pacific Islands are included. The
manual is published every 56 days. Volume is

−bound 5−3/8 x 8−1/4 inches.

4. North Atlantic Route Chart.

Designed for

FAA controllers to monitor transatlantic flights, this

−color  chart shows oceanic control areas, coastal

navigation aids, oceanic reporting points, and
NAVAID geographic coordinates. Full Size Chart:
Scale 1 inch = 113.1 nm/1:8,250,000. Chart is
shipped flat only. Half Size Chart: Scale 1 inch =
150.8 nm/1:11,000,000. Chart is 29

−3/4 x


−1/2 inches, shipped folded to 5 x 10 inches only.

Chart revised every 56 weeks. (See FIG 9