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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 1.1 

Portable oxygen concentrator means a 

medical device that separates oxygen 
from other gasses in ambient air and 
dispenses this concentrated oxygen to 
the user. 

Positive control means control of all 

air traffic, within designated airspace, 
by air traffic control. 

Powered parachute means a powered 

aircraft comprised of a flexible or semi- 
rigid wing connected to a fuselage so 
that the wing is not in position for 
flight until the aircraft is in motion. 
The fuselage of a powered parachute 
contains the aircraft engine, a seat for 
each occupant and is attached to the 
aircraft’s landing gear. 

Powered-lift  means a heavier-than-air 

aircraft capable of vertical takeoff, 
vertical landing, and low speed flight 
that depends principally on engine- 
driven lift devices or engine thrust for 
lift during these flight regimes and on 
nonrotating airfoil(s) for lift during 
horizontal flight. 

Precision approach procedure means a 

standard instrument approach proce-
dure in which an electronic glide slope 
is provided, such as ILS and PAR. 

Preventive maintenance means simple 

or minor preservation operations and 
the replacement of small standard 
parts not involving complex assembly 

Prohibited area. A prohibited area is 

airspace designated under part 73 with-
in which no person may operate an air-
craft without the permission of the 
using agency. 

Propeller  means a device for propel-

ling an aircraft that has blades on an 
engine-driven shaft and that, when ro-
tated, produces by its action on the air, 
a thrust approximately perpendicular 
to its plane of rotation. It includes con-
trol components normally supplied by 
its manufacturer, but does not include 
main and auxiliary rotors or rotating 
airfoils of engines. 

Public aircraft means any of the fol-

lowing aircraft when not being used for 
a commercial purpose or to carry an 
individual other than a crewmember or 
qualified non-crewmenber: 

(1) An aircraft used only for the 

United States Government; an aircraft 
owned by the Government and operated 
by any person for purposes related to 
crew training, equipment development, 

or demonstration; an aircraft owned 
and operated by the government of a 
State, the District of Columbia, or a 
territory or possession of the United 
States or a political subdivision of one 
of these governments; or an aircraft ex-
clusively leased for at least 90 contin-
uous days by the government of a 
State, the District of Columbia, or a 
territory or possession of the United 
States or a political subdivision of one 
of these governments. 

(i) For the sole purpose of deter-

mining public aircraft status, commer-
cial purposes 
means the transportation 
of persons or property for compensa-
tion or hire, but does not include the 
operation of an aircraft by the armed 
forces for reimbursement when that re-
imbursement is required by any Fed-
eral statute, regulation, or directive, in 
effect on November 1, 1999, or by one 
government on behalf of another gov-
ernment under a cost reimbursement 
agreement if the government on whose 
behalf the operation is conducted cer-
tifies to the Administrator of the Fed-
eral Aviation Administration that the 
operation is necessary to respond to a 
significant and imminent threat to life 
or property (including natural re-
sources) and that no service by a pri-
vate operator is reasonably available 
to meet the threat. 

(ii) For the sole purpose of deter-

mining public aircraft status, govern-
mental function 
means an activity un-
dertaken by a government, such as na-
tional defense, intelligence missions, 
firefighting, search and rescue, law en-
forcement (including transport of pris-
oners, detainees, and illegal aliens), 
aeronautical research, or biological or 
geological resource management. 

(iii) For the sole purpose of deter-

mining public aircraft status, qualified 
means an individual, 
other than a member of the crew, 
aboard an aircraft operated by the 
armed forces or an intelligence agency 
of the United States Government, or 
whose presence is required to perform, 
or is associated with the performance 
of, a governmental function. 

(2) An aircraft owned or operated by 

the armed forces or chartered to pro-
vide transportation to the armed forces 

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