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§ 1.1 

which a portion of the flight is con-
ducted beyond a time threshold identi-
fied in part 121 or part 135 of this chap-
ter that is determined using an ap-
proved one-engine-inoperative cruise 
speed under standard atmospheric con-
ditions in still air. 

Extended over-water operation means— 
(1) With respect to aircraft other 

than helicopters, an operation over 
water at a horizontal distance of more 
than 50 nautical miles from the nearest 
shoreline; and 

(2) With respect to helicopters, an op-

eration over water at a horizontal dis-
tance of more than 50 nautical miles 
from the nearest shoreline and more 
than 50 nautical miles from an off- 
shore heliport structure. 

External load means a load that is 

carried, or extends, outside of the air-
craft fuselage. 

External-load attaching means means 

the structural components used to at-
tach an external load to an aircraft, in-
cluding external-load containers, the 
backup structure at the attachment 
points, and any quick-release device 
used to jettison the external load. 

Final approach fix (FAF) defines the 

beginning of the final approach seg-
ment and the point where final seg-
ment descent may begin. 

Final takeoff speed means the speed of 

the airplane that exists at the end of 
the takeoff path in the en route con-
figuration with one engine inoperative. 

(1) With respect to materials and 

parts used to confine fire in a des-
ignated fire zone, means the capacity 
to withstand at least as well as steel in 
dimensions appropriate for the purpose 
for which they are used, the heat pro-
duced when there is a severe fire of ex-
tended duration in that zone; and 

(2) With respect to other materials 

and parts, means the capacity to with-
stand the heat associated with fire at 
least as well as steel in dimensions ap-
propriate for the purpose for which 
they are used. 

Fire resistant— 
(1) With respect to sheet or struc-

tural members means the capacity to 
withstand the heat associated with fire 
at least as well as aluminum alloy in 
dimensions appropriate for the purpose 
for which they are used; and 

(2) With respect to fluid-carrying 

lines, fluid system parts, wiring, air 
ducts, fittings, and powerplant con-
trols, means the capacity to perform 
the intended functions under the heat 
and other conditions likely to occur 
when there is a fire at the place con-

Flame resistant means not susceptible 

to combustion to the point of propa-
gating a flame, beyond safe limits, 
after the ignition source is removed. 

Flammable,  with respect to a fluid or 

gas, means susceptible to igniting read-
ily or to exploding. 

Flap extended speed means the highest 

speed permissible with wing flaps in a 
prescribed extended position. 

Flash resistant means not susceptible 

to burning violently when ignited. 

Flightcrew member means a pilot, 

flight engineer, or flight navigator as-
signed to duty in an aircraft during 
flight time. 

Flight level means a level of constant 

atmospheric pressure related to a ref-
erence datum of 29.92 inches of mer-
cury. Each is stated in three digits 
that represent hundreds of feet. For ex-
ample, flight level 250 represents a bar-
ometric altimeter indication of 25,000 
feet; flight level 255, an indication of 
25,500 feet. 

Flight plan means specified informa-

tion, relating to the intended flight of 
an aircraft, that is filed orally or in 
writing with air traffic control. 

Flight simulation training device 

(FSTD)  means a flight simulator or a 
flight training device. 

Flight time means: 
(1) Pilot time that commences when 

an aircraft moves under its own power 
for the purpose of flight and ends when 
the aircraft comes to rest after land-
ing; or 

(2) For a glider without self-launch 

capability, pilot time that commences 
when the glider is towed for the pur-
pose of flight and ends when the glider 
comes to rest after landing. 

Flight training device (FTD) means a 

replica of aircraft instruments, equip-
ment, panels, and controls in an open 
flight deck area or an enclosed aircraft 
cockpit replica. It includes the equip-
ment and computer programs nec-
essary to represent aircraft (or set of 
aircraft) operations in ground and 

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