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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 1.1 

flight conditions having the full range 
of capabilities of the systems installed 
in the device as described in part 60 of 
this chapter and the qualification per-
formance standard (QPS) for a specific 
FTD qualification level. 

Flight visibility means the average for-

ward horizontal distance, from the 
cockpit of an aircraft in flight, at 
which prominent unlighted objects 
may be seen and identified by day and 
prominent lighted objects may be seen 
and identified by night. 

Foreign air carrier means any person 

other than a citizen of the United 
States, who undertakes directly, by 
lease or other arrangement, to engage 
in air transportation. 

Foreign air commerce means the car-

riage by aircraft of persons or property 
for compensation or hire, or the car-
riage of mail by aircraft, or the oper-
ation or navigation of aircraft in the 
conduct or furtherance of a business or 
vocation, in commerce between a place 
in the United States and any place out-
side thereof; whether such commerce 
moves wholly by aircraft or partly by 
aircraft and partly by other forms of 

Foreign air transportation means the 

carriage by aircraft of persons or prop-
erty as a common carrier for com-
pensation or hire, or the carriage of 
mail by aircraft, in commerce between 
a place in the United States and any 
place outside of the United States, 
whether that commerce moves wholly 
by aircraft or partly by aircraft and 
partly by other forms of transpor-

Forward wing means a forward lifting 

surface of a canard configuration or 
tandem-wing configuration airplane. 
The surface may be a fixed, movable, or 
variable geometry surface, with or 
without control surfaces. 

Full flight simulator (FFS) means a 

replica of a specific type; or make, 
model, and series aircraft cockpit. It 
includes the assemblage of equipment 
and computer programs necessary to 
represent aircraft operations in ground 
and flight conditions, a visual system 
providing an out-of-the-cockpit view, a 
system that provides cues at least 
equivalent to those of a three-degree- 
of-freedom motion system, and has the 
full range of capabilities of the systems 

installed in the device as described in 
part 60 of this chapter and the quali-
fication performance standards (QPS) 
for a specific FFS qualification level. 

Glider  means a heavier-than-air air-

craft, that is supported in flight by the 
dynamic reaction of the air against its 
lifting surfaces and whose free flight 
does not depend principally on an en-

Ground visibility means prevailing 

horizontal visibility near the earth’s 
surface as reported by the United 
States National Weather Service or an 
accredited observer. 

Go-around power or thrust setting 

means the maximum allowable in- 
flight power or thrust setting identi-
fied in the performance data. 

Gyrodyne  means a rotorcraft whose 

rotors are normally engine-driven for 
takeoff, hovering, and landing, and for 
forward flight through part of its speed 
range, and whose means of propulsion, 
consisting usually of conventional pro-
pellers, is independent of the rotor sys-

Gyroplane  means a rotorcraft whose 

rotors are not engine-driven, except for 
initial starting, but are made to rotate 
by action of the air when the rotorcraft 
is moving; and whose means of propul-
sion, consisting usually of conven-
tional propellers, is independent of the 
rotor system. 

Helicopter  means a rotorcraft that, 

for its horizontal motion, depends prin-
cipally on its engine-driven rotors. 

Heliport means an area of land, water, 

or structure used or intended to be 
used for the landing and takeoff of heli-

Idle thrust means the jet thrust ob-

tained with the engine power control 
level set at the stop for the least thrust 
position at which it can be placed. 

IFR conditions means weather condi-

tions below the minimum for flight 
under visual flight rules. 

IFR over-the-top, with respect to the 

operation of aircraft, means the oper-
ation of an aircraft over-the-top on an 
IFR flight plan when cleared by air 
traffic control to maintain ‘‘VFR con-
ditions’’ or ‘‘VFR conditions on top’’. 

Indicated airspeed means the speed of 

an aircraft as shown on its pitot static 
airspeed indicator calibrated to reflect 

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