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§ 11.51 






§ 11.41

Who may file comments? 

Anyone may file written comments 

about proposals and final rules that re-
quest public comments. 

§ 11.43

What information must I put in 

my written comments? 

(a) Your written comments must be 

in English and must contain the fol-

(1) The docket number of the rule-

making document you are commenting 
on, clearly set out at the beginning of 
your comments. 

(2) Your name and mailing address, 

and, if you wish, other contact infor-
mation, such as a fax number, tele-
phone number, or e-mail address. 

(3) Your information, views, or argu-

ments, following the instructions for 
participation in the rulemaking docu-
ment on which you are commenting. 

(b) You should also include all mate-

rial relevant to any statement of fact 
or argument in your comments, to the 
extent that the material is available to 
you and reasonable for you to submit. 
Include a copy of the title page of the 
document. Whether or not you submit 
a copy of the material to which you 
refer, you should indicate specific 
places in the material that support 
your position. 

§ 11.45

Where and when do I file my 


(a) Send your comments to the loca-

tion specified in the rulemaking docu-
ment on which you are commenting. If 
you are asked to send your comments 
to the Federal Document Management 
System, you may send them in either 
of the following ways: 

(1) By mail to: U.S. Department of 

Transportation, Docket Operations, 
West Building Ground Floor, Room 
W12–140, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE., 
Washington, DC 20590. 

(2) Through the Internet to http:// 

(3) In any other manner designated 

by FAA. 

(b) Make sure that your comments 

reach us by the deadline set out in the 
rulemaking document on which you 
are commenting. We will consider late- 
filed comments to the extent possible 

only if they do not significantly delay 
the rulemaking process. 

(c) We may reject your paper or elec-

tronic comments if they are frivolous, 
abusive, or repetitious. We may reject 
comments you file electronically if you 
do not follow the electronic filing in-
structions at the Federal Docket Man-
agement System Web site. 

[Doc. No. 1999–6622, 65 FR 50863, Aug. 21, 2000, 
as amended at 72 FR 68474, Dec. 5, 2007] 

§ 11.47

May I ask for more time to file 

my comments? 

Yes, if FAA grants your request for 

more time to file comments, we grant 
all persons the same amount of time. 
We will notify the public of the exten-
sion by a document in the F





. If FAA denies your request, 

we will notify you of the denial. To ask 
for more time, you must file a written 
or electronic request for extension at 
least 10 days before the end of the com-
ment period. Your letter or message 

(a) Show the docket number of the 

rule at the top of the first page; 

(b) State, at the beginning, that you 

are requesting an extension of the com-
ment period; 

(c) Show that you have good cause 

for the extension and that an extension 
is in the public interest; 

(d) Be sent to the address specified 

for comments in the rulemaking docu-
ment on which you are commenting. 











§ 11.51

May I request that FAA hold a 

public meeting on a rulemaking ac-

Yes, you may request that we hold a 

public meeting. FAA holds a public 
meeting when we need more than writ-
ten comments to make a fully in-
formed decision. Submit your written 
request to the address specified in the 
rulemaking document on which you 
are commenting. Specify at the top of 
your letter or message that you are re-
questing that the agency hold a public 
meeting. Submit your request no later 
than 30 days after our rulemaking no-
tice. If we find good cause for a meet-
ing, we will notify you and publish a 

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