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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 11.53 

notice of the meeting in the F





§ 11.53

What takes place at a public 


A public meeting is a non-adver-

sarial, fact-finding proceeding con-
ducted by an FAA representative. Pub-
lic meetings are announced in the F






. We invite interested 

persons to attend and to present their 
views to the agency on specific issues. 
There are no formal pleadings and no 
adverse parties, and any regulation 
issued afterward is not necessarily 
based exclusively on the record of the 









§ 11.61

May I ask FAA to adopt, amend, 

or repeal a regulation, or grant re-
lief from the requirements of a cur-
rent regulation? 

(a) Using a petition for rulemaking, 

you may ask FAA to add a new regula-
tion to title 14 of the Code of Federal 
Regulations (14 CFR) or ask FAA to 
amend or repeal a current regulation in 
14 CFR. 

(b) Using a petition for exemption, 

you may ask FAA to grant you relief 
from current regulations in 14 CFR. 

§ 11.63

How and to whom do I submit 

my petition for rulemaking or peti-
tion for exemption? 

(a) To submit a petition for rule-

making or exemption— 

(1) By electronic submission, submit 

your petition for rulemaking or exemp-
tion to FAA through the Internet at, the Federal 
Docket Management System Web site. 
For additional instructions, you may 

(2) By paper submission, send the 

original signed copy of your petition 
for rulemaking or exemption to this 
address: U.S. Department of Transpor-
tation, Docket Operations, West Build-
ing Ground Floor, Room W12–140, 1200 
New Jersey Avenue, SE., Washington, 
DC 20590. 

(b) Submit a petition for rulemaking 

or exemption from part 139 of this 

(1) To the appropriate FAA airport 

field office in whose area your airport 
is, or will be, established; and 

(2) To the U.S. Department of Trans-

portation, Docket Operations, West 
Building Ground Floor, Room W12–140, 
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE., Wash-
ington, DC 20590 or by electronic sub-
mission to this Internet address: http:// 

(c) The FAA may designate other 

means by which you can submit peti-
tions in the future. 

(d) Submit your petition for exemp-

tion 120 days before you need the ex-
emption to take effect. 

[Amdt. 11–50, 69 FR 22386, Apr. 26, 2004, as 
amended at 72 FR 68474, Dec. 5, 2007; Amdt. 
11–55, 74 FR 202, Jan. 5, 2009] 

§ 11.71

What information must I in-

clude in my petition for rule-

(a) You must include the following 

information in your petition for rule-

(1) Your name and mailing address 

and, if you wish, other contact infor-
mation such as a fax number, tele-
phone number, or e-mail address. 

(2) An explanation of your proposed 

action and its purpose. 

(3) The language you propose for a 

new or amended rule, or the language 
you would remove from a current rule. 

(4) An explanation of why your pro-

posed action would be in the public in-

(5) Information and arguments that 

support your proposed action, includ-
ing relevant technical and scientific 
data available to you. 

(6) Any specific facts or cir-

cumstances that support or dem-
onstrate the need for the action you 

(b) In the process of considering your 

petition, we may ask that you provide 
information or data available to you 
about the following: 

(1) The costs and benefits of your pro-

posed action to society in general, and 
identifiable groups within society in 

(2) The regulatory burden of your 

proposed action on small businesses, 
small organizations, small govern-
mental jurisdictions, and Indian tribes. 

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