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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 11.83 

to that provided by the rule from 
which you seek the exemption; 

(f) A summary we can publish in the 





, stating: 

(1) The rule from which you seek the 

exemption; and 

(2) A brief description of the nature 

of the exemption you seek; 

(g) Any additional information, views 

or arguments available to support your 
request; and 

(h) If you want to exercise the privi-

leges of your exemption outside the 
United States, the reason why you 
need to do so. 

§ 11.83

How can I operate under an ex-

emption outside the United States? 

If you want to be able to operate 

under your exemption outside the 
United States, you must request this 
when you petition for relief and give us 
the reason for this use. If you do not 
provide your reason or we determine 
that it does not justify this relief, we 
will limit your exemption to use within 
the United States. Before we extend 
your exemption for use outside the 
United States, we will verify that the 
exemption would be in compliance with 
the Standards of the International 
Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). If 
it would not, but we still believe it 
would be in the public interest to allow 
you to do so, we will file a difference 
with ICAO. However, a foreign country 
still may not allow you to operate in 
that country without meeting the 
ICAO standard. 

§ 11.85

Does FAA invite public com-

ment on petitions for exemption? 

Yes, FAA publishes information 

about petitions for exemption in the 




. The information 


(a) The docket number of the peti-


(b) The citation to the rule or rules 

from which the petitioner requested re-

(c) The name of the petitioner; 
(d) The petitioner’s summary of the 

action requested and the reasons for re-
questing it; and 

(e) A request for comments to assist 

FAA in evaluating the petition. 

§ 11.87

Are there circumstances in 

which FAA may decide not to pub-
lish a summary of my petition for 

The FAA may not publish a summary 

of your petition for exemption and re-
quest comments if you present or we 
find good cause why we should not 
delay action on your petition. The fac-
tors we consider in deciding not to re-
quest comment include: 

(a) Whether granting your petition 

would set a precedent. 

(b) Whether the relief requested is 

identical to exemptions granted pre-

(c) Whether our delaying action on 

your petition would affect you ad-

(d) Whether you filed your petition in 

a timely manner. 

§ 11.89

How much time do I have to 

submit comments to FAA on a peti-
tion for exemption? 

The FAA states the specific time al-

lowed for comments in the F





notice about the petition. We 

usually allow 20 days to comment on a 
petition for exemption. 

§ 11.91

How does FAA inform me of its 

decision on my petition for exemp-

The FAA will notify you in writing 

about its decision on your petition. A 
copy of this decision is also placed in 
the public docket. We will include the 
docket number associated with your 
petition in our letter to you. 

[Doc. No. FAA–2005–22982, 71 FR 1485, Jan. 10, 

§ 11.101

May I ask FAA to reconsider 

my petition for rulemaking or peti-
tion for exemption if it is denied? 

Yes, you may petition FAA to recon-

sider your petition denial. You must 
submit your request to the address to 
which you sent your original petition, 
and FAA must receive it within 60 days 
after we issued the denial. For us to ac-
cept your petition, show the following: 

(a) That you have a significant addi-

tional fact and why you did not present 
it in your original petition; 

(b) That we made an important fac-

tual error in our denial of your original 
petition; or 

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