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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 13.19 

FAA agrees to make no finding of vio-
lation. Under such agreement, a com-
promise order is issued following the 
payment of the agreed-on amount or 
the signing of a promissory note. The 
compromise order states the following: 

(i) The individual has paid a civil 

penalty or has signed a promissory 
note providing for installment pay-

(ii) The FAA makes no finding of vio-

lation; and 

(iii) The compromise order will not 

be used as evidence of a prior violation 
in any subsequent civil penalty pro-
ceeding or certificate action pro-

(2) An agency attorney may com-

promise the amount of any civil pen-
alty proposed or assessed in an order. 

(j)  Payment.  (1) An individual must 

pay a civil penalty by: 

(i) Sending a certified check or 

money order, payable to the Federal 
Aviation Administration, to the FAA 
office identified in the order of assess-
ment, or 

(ii) Making an electronic funds trans-

fer according to the directions speci-
fied in the order of assessment. 

(2) The civil penalty must be paid 

within 30 days after service of the order 
of assessment, unless an appeal is filed 
with the National Transportation Safe-
ty Board. The civil penalty must be 
paid within 30 days after a final order 
of the Board or the Court of Appeals af-
firms the order of assessment in whole 
or in part. 

(k)  Collection of civil penalties. If an 

individual does not pay a civil penalty 
imposed by an order of assessment or 
other final order, the Administrator 
may take action provided under the 
law to collect the penalty. 

[Amdt. 13–32; 69 FR 59497, Oct. 4, 2004] 

§ 13.19

Certificate action. 

(a) Under section 609 of the Federal 

Aviation Act of 1958 (49 U.S.C. 1429), the 
Administrator may reinspect any civil 
aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller, ap-
pliance, air navigation facility, or air 
agency, and may re-examine any civil 
airman. Under section 501(e) of the FA 
Act, any Certificate of Aircraft Reg-
istration may be suspended or revoked 
by the Administrator for any cause 

that renders the aircraft ineligible for 

(b) If, as a result of such a reinspec-

tion re-examination, or other inves-
tigation made by the Administrator 
under section 609 of the FA Act, the 
Administrator determines that the 
public interest and safety in air com-
merce requires it, the Administrator 
may issue an order amending, sus-
pending, or revoking, all or part of any 
type certificate, production certificate, 
airworthiness certificate, airman cer-
tificate, air carrier operating certifi-
cate, air navigation facility certificate, 
or air agency certificate. This author-
ity may be exercised for remedial pur-
poses in cases involving the Hazardous 
Materials Transportation Act (49 
U.S.C. 1801 et seq.) or regulations issued 
under that Act. This authority is also 
exercised by the Chief Counsel, the As-
sistant Chief Counsel, Enforcement, 
the Assistant Chief Counsel, Regula-
tions, the Assistant Chief Counsel, Eu-
rope, Africa, and Middle East Area Of-
fice, each Regional Counsel, and the 
Aeronautical Center Counsel. If the Ad-
ministrator finds that any aircraft reg-
istered under Part 47 of this chapter is 
ineligible for registration, the Admin-
istrator issues an order suspending or 
revoking that certificate. This author-
ity as to aircraft found ineligible for 
registration is also exercised by each 
Regional Counsel, the Aeronautical 
Center Counsel, and the Assistant 
Chief Counsel, Europe, Africa, and Mid-
dle East Area Office. 

(c) Before issuing an order under 

paragraph (b) of this section, the Chief 
Counsel, the Assistant Chief Counsel, 
Enforcement, the Assistant Chief 
Counsel, Regulations, the Assistant 
Chief Counsel, Europe, Africa, and Mid-
dle East Area Office, each Regional 
Counsel, or the Aeronautical Center 
Counsel advises the certificate holder 
of the charges or other reasons upon 
which the Administrator bases the pro-
posed action and, except in an emer-
gency, allows the holder to answer any 
charges and to be heard as to why the 
certificate should not be amended, sus-
pended, or revoked. The holder may, by 
checking the appropriate box on the 
form that is sent to the holder with the 
notice of proposed certificate action, 
elect to— 

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