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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 13.21 

(1) Constitutes a waiver of the right 

to appeal and the right to a hearing, 

(2) Authorizes the official who issued 

the notice to find the facts to be as al-
leged in the notice, or as modified as 
the official may determine necessary 
based on any written response, and to 
issue an appropriate order, without fur-
ther notice or proceedings. 

(f) If a hearing is requested in accord-

ance with paragraph (c) or (d) of this 
section, the procedure of Subpart D of 
this part applies. At the close of the 
hearing, the Hearing Officer, on the 
record or subsequently in writing, shall 
set forth findings and conclusions and 
the reasons therefor, and either— 

(1) Dismiss the notice; or 
(2) Issue an order. 
(g) Any party to the hearing may ap-

peal from the order of the Hearing Offi-
cer by filing a notice of appeal with the 
Administrator within 20 days after the 
date of issuance of the order. 

(h) If a notice of appeal is not filed 

from the order issued by a Hearing Of-
ficer, such order is the final agency 

(i) Any person filing an appeal au-

thorized by paragraph (g) of this sec-
tion shall file an appeal brief with the 
Administrator within 40 days after the 
date of issuance of the order, and serve 
a copy on the other party. A reply brief 
must be filed within 20 days after serv-
ice of the appeal brief and a copy 
served on the appellant. 

(j) On appeal the Administrator re-

views the available record of the pro-
ceeding, and issues an order dismissing, 
reversing, modifying or affirming the 
order. The Administrator’s order in-
cludes the reasons for the Administra-
tor’s action. 

(k) For good cause shown, requests 

for extensions of time to file any docu-
ment under this section may be grant-
ed by— 

(1) The official who issued the order, 

if the request is filed prior to the des-
ignation of a Hearing Officer; or 

(2) The Hearing Officer, if the request 

is filed prior to the filing of a notice of 
appeal; or 

(3) The Administrator, if the request 

is filed after the filing of a notice of ap-

(l) Except in the case of an appeal 

from the decision of a Hearing Officer, 
the authority of the Administrator 
under this section is also exercised by 
the Chief Counsel, Deputy Chief Coun-
sel, each Assistant Chief Counsel, each 
Regional Counsel, and the Aero-
nautical Center Counsel (as to matters 
under Title V of the Federal Aviation 
Act of 1958). 

(m) Filing and service of documents 

under this section shall be accom-
plished in accordance with § 13.43; and 
the periods of time specified in this 
section shall be computed in accord-
ance with § 13.44. 

[Doc. No. 18884, 44 FR 63723, Nov. 5, 1979, as 
amended by Amdt. 13–17, 53 FR 33783, Aug. 31, 
1988; Amdt. 13–19, 54 FR 39290, Sept. 25, 1989; 
Amdt. 13–29, 62 FR 46865, Sept. 4, 1997; Amdt. 
13–36, 79 FR 46967, Aug. 12, 2014] 

§ 13.21

Military personnel. 

If a report made under this part indi-

cates that, while performing official 
duties, a member of the Armed Forces, 
or a civilian employee of the Depart-
ment of Defense who is subject to the 
Uniform Code of Military Justice (10 
U.S.C. Ch. 47), has violated the Federal 
Aviation Act of 1958, or a regulation or 
order issued under it, the Chief Coun-
sel, the Assistant Chief Counsel, En-
forcement, the Assistant Chief Counsel, 
Regulations, the Assistant Chief Coun-
sel, Europe, Africa, and Middle East 
Area Office, each Regional Counsel, 
and the Aeronautical Center Counsel 
send a copy of the report to the appro-
priate military authority for such dis-
ciplinary action as that authority con-
siders appropriate and a report to the 
Administrator thereon. 

[Doc. No. 18884, 44 FR 63723, Nov. 5, 1979, as 
amended by Amdt. 13–19, 54 FR 39290, Sept. 
25, 1989; Amdt. 13–29, 62 FR 46866, Sept. 4, 

§ 13.23

Criminal penalties. 

(a) Sections 902 and 1203 of the Fed-

eral Aviation Act of 1958 (49 U.S.C. 1472 
and 1523), provide criminal penalties 
for any person who knowingly and will-
fully violates specified provisions of 
that Act, or any regulation or order 
issued under those provisions. Section 
110(b) of the Hazardous Materials 
Transportation Act (49 U.S.C. 1809(b)) 
provides for a criminal penalty of a 

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