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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 13.29 

Hearing Officer finds that the allega-
tions of the notice have been proven, 
but that no sanction is required, the 
Hearing Officer shall make appropriate 
findings and issue an order terminating 
the notice. If the Hearing Officer finds 
that the allegations of the notice have 
not been proven, the Hearing Officer 
shall issue an order dismissing the no-
tice. If the Hearing Officer finds it to 
be equitable and in the public interest, 
the Hearing Officer shall issue an order 
terminating the proceeding upon pay-
ment by the respondent of a civil pen-
alty in an amount agreed upon by the 

(c) If the order is issued in writing, it 

shall be served upon the parties. 

[Doc. No. 13–14, 44 FR 63723, Nov. 5, 1979, as 
amended by Amdt. 13–15, 45 FR 20773, Mar. 31, 
1980; Amdt. 13–34, 75 FR 41979, July 20, 2010] 

§ 13.29

Civil penalties: Streamlined en-

forcement procedures for certain 
security violations. 

This section may be used, at the 

agency’s discretion, in enforcement ac-
tions involving individuals presenting 
dangerous or deadly weapons for 
screening at airports or in checked 
baggage where the amount of the pro-
posed civil penalty is less than $5,000. 
In these cases, sections 13.16(a), 
13.16(c), and 13.16 (f) through (l) of this 
chapter are used, as well as paragraphs 
(a) through (d) of this section: 

(a)  Delegation of authority. The au-

thority of the Administrator, under 49 
U.S.C. 46301, to initiate the assessment 
of civil penalties for a violation of 49 
U.S.C. Subtitle VII, or a rule, regula-
tion, or order issued thereunder, is del-
egated to the regional Civil Aviation 
Security Division Manager and the re-
gional Civil Aviation Security Deputy 
Division Manager for the purpose of 
issuing notices of violation in cases in-
volving violations of 49 U.S.C. Subtitle 
VII and the FAA’s regulations by indi-
viduals presenting dangerous or deadly 
weapons for screening at airport check-
points or in checked baggage. This au-
thority may not be delegated below the 
level of the regional Civil Aviation Se-
curity Deputy Division Manager. 

(b)  Notice of violation. A civil penalty 

action is initiated by sending a notice 
of violation to the person charged with 
the violation. The notice of violation 

contains a statement of the charges 
and the amount of the proposed civil 
penalty. Not later than 30 days after 
receipt of the notice of violation, the 
person charged with a violation shall: 

(1) Submit the amount of the pro-

posed civil penalty or an agreed-upon 
amount, in which case either an order 
assessing a civil penalty or a com-
promise order shall be issued in that 
amount; or 

(2) Submit to the agency attorney 

identified in the material accom-
panying the notice any of the fol-

(i) Written information, including 

documents and witness statements, 
demonstrating that a violation of the 
regulations did not occur or that a pen-
alty or the penalty amount is not war-
ranted by the circumstances; or 

(ii) A written request to reduce the 

proposed civil penalty, the amount of 
reduction, and the reasons and any 
documents supporting a reduction of 
the proposed civil penalty, including 
records indicating a financial inability 
to pay or records showing that pay-
ment of the proposed civil penalty 
would prevent the person from con-
tinuing in business; or 

(iii) A written request for an infor-

mal conference to discuss the matter 
with an agency attorney and submit 
relevant information or documents; or 

(3) Request a hearing in which case a 

complaint shall be filed with the hear-
ing docket clerk. 

(c)  Final notice of violation and civil 

penalty assessment order. A final notice 
of violation and civil penalty assess-
ment order (‘‘final notice and order’’) 
may be issued after participation in 
any informal proceedings as provided 
in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, or 
after failure of the respondent to re-
spond in a timely manner to a notice of 
violation. A final notice and order will 
be sent to the individual charged with 
a violation. The final notice and order 
will contain a statement of the charges 
and the amount of the proposed civil 
penalty and, as a result of information 
submitted to the agency attorney dur-
ing any informal procedures, may re-
flect a modified allegation or proposed 
civil penalty. 

A final notice and order may be 


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