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§ 13.57 

§ 13.47

Withdrawal of notice or request 

for hearing. 

At any time before the hearing, the 

FAA counsel may withdraw the notice 
of proposed action, and the party re-
questing the hearing may withdraw the 
request for hearing. 

§ 13.49


(a)  Motion to dismiss for insufficiency. 

A respondent who requests a formal 
hearing may, in place of an answer, file 
a motion to dismiss for failure of the 
allegations in the notice of proposed 
action to state a violation of the FA 
Act or of this chapter or to show lack 
of qualification of the respondent. If 
the Hearing Officer denies the motion, 
the respondent shall file an answer 
within 10 days. 

(b) [Reserved] 
(c)  Motion for more definite statement. 

The certificate holder may, in place of 
an answer, file a motion that the alle-
gations in the notice be made more 
definite and certain. If the Hearing Of-
ficer grants the motion, the FAA coun-
sel shall comply within 10 days after 
the date it is granted. If the Hearing 
Officer denies the motion the certifi-
cate holder shall file an answer within 
10 days after the date it is denied. 

(d)  Motion for judgment on the plead-

ings.  After the pleadings are closed, ei-
ther party may move for a judgment on 
the pleadings. 

(e)  Motion to strike. Upon motion of 

either party, the Hearing Officer may 
order stricken, from any pleadings, any 
insufficient allegation or defense, or 
any immaterial, impertinent, or scan-
dalous matter. 

(f) Motion for production of documents. 

Upon motion of any party showing 
good cause, the Hearing Officer may, in 
the manner provided by Rule 34, Fed-
eral Rules of Civil Procedure, order any 
party to produce any designated docu-
ment, paper, book, account, letter, 
photograph, object, or other tangible 
thing, that is not privileged, that con-
stitutes or contains evidence relevant 
to the subject matter of the hearings, 
and that is in the party’s possession, 
custody, or control. 

(g)  Consolidation of motions. A party 

who makes a motion under this section 
shall join with it all other motions 
that are then available to the party. 

Any objection that is not so raised is 
considered to be waived. 

(h)  Answers to motions. Any party 

may file an answer to any motion 
under this section within 5 days after 
service of the motion. 

§ 13.51


Any person may move for leave to in-

tervene in a proceeding and may be-
come a party thereto, if the Hearing 
Officer, after the case is sent to the 
Hearing Officer for hearing, finds that 
the person may be bound by the order 
to be issued in the proceedings or has a 
property or financial interest that may 
not be adequately represented by exist-
ing parties, and that the intervention 
will not unduly broaden the issues or 
delay the proceedings. Except for good 
cause shown, a motion for leave to in-
tervene may not be considered if it is 
filed less than 10 days before the hear-

§ 13.53


After the respondent has filed a re-

quest for hearing and an answer, either 
party may take testimony by deposi-
tion in accordance with section 1004 of 
the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 (49 
U.S.C. 1484) or Rule 26, Federal Rules of 
Civil Procedure. 

§ 13.55

Notice of hearing. 

The Hearing Officer shall set a rea-

sonable date, time, and place for the 
hearing, and shall give the parties ade-
quate notice thereof and of the nature 
of the hearing. Due regard shall be 
given to the convenience of the parties 
with respect to the place of the hear-

§ 13.57

Subpoenas and witness fees. 

(a) The Hearing Officer to whom a 

case is assigned may, upon application 
by any party to the proceeding, issue 
subpoenas requiring the attendance of 
witnesses or the production of docu-
mentary or tangible evidence at a hear-
ing or for the purpose of taking deposi-
tions. However, the application for pro-
ducing evidence must show its general 
relevance and reasonable scope. This 
paragraph does not apply to the at-
tendance of FAA employees or to the 
production of documentary evidence in 

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