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§ 13.207 

or representative designated by the 
party and may be examined by that at-
torney or representative in any pro-
ceeding governed by this subpart. An 
attorney or representative who rep-
resents a party may file a notice of ap-
pearance in the action, in the manner 
provided in § 13.210 of this subpart, and 
shall serve a copy of the notice of ap-
pearance on each party, in the manner 
provided in § 13.211 of this subpart, be-
fore participating in any proceeding 
governed by this subpart. The attorney 
or representative shall include the 
name, address, and telephone number 
of the attorney or representative in the 
notice of appearance. 

(c) Any person may request a copy of 

a document upon payment of reason-
able costs. A person may keep an origi-
nal document, data, or evidence, with 
the consent of the administrative law 
judge, by substituting a legible copy of 
the document for the record. 

§ 13.205

Administrative law judges. 

(a)  Powers of an administrative law 

judge.  In accordance with the rules of 
this subpart, an administrative law 
judge may: 

(1) Give notice of, and hold, pre-

hearing conferences and hearings; 

(2) Administer oaths and affirma-


(3) Issue subpoenas authorized by law 

and issue notices of deposition re-
quested by the parties; 

(4) Rule on offers of proof; 
(5) Receive relevant and material evi-


(6) Regulate the course of the hearing 

in accordance with the rules of this 

(7) Hold conferences to settle or to 

simplify the issues by consent of the 

(8) Dispose of procedural motions and 

requests; and 

(9) Make findings of fact and conclu-

sions of law, and issue an initial deci-

(b)  Limitations on the power of the ad-

ministrative law judge. The administra-
tive law judge shall not issue an order 
of contempt, award costs to any party, 
or impose any sanction not specified in 
this subpart. If the administrative law 
judge imposes any sanction not speci-
fied in this subpart, a party may file an 

interlocutory appeal of right with the 
FAA decisionmaker pursuant to 
§ 13.219(c)(4) of this subpart. This sec-
tion does not preclude an administra-
tive law judge from issuing an order 
that bars a person from a specific pro-
ceeding based on a finding of obstrep-
erous or disruptive behavior in that 
specific proceeding. 

(c)  Disqualification.  The administra-

tive law judge may disqualify himself 
or herself at any time. A party may file 
a motion, pursuant to § 13.218(f)(6), re-
questing that an administrative law 
judge be disqualified from the pro-

[Amdt. 13–21, 55 FR 27575, July 3, 1990; 55 FR 
29293, July 18, 1990] 

§ 13.206


(a) A person may submit a motion for 

leave to intervene as a party in a civil 
penalty action. Except for good cause 
shown, a motion for leave to intervene 
shall be submitted not later than 10 
days before the hearing. 

(b) If the administrative law judge 

finds that intervention will not unduly 
broaden the issues or delay the pro-
ceedings, the administrative law judge 
may grant a motion for leave to inter-
vene if the person will be bound by any 
order or decision entered in the action 
or the person has a property, financial, 
or other legitimate interest that may 
not be addressed adequately by the par-
ties. The administrative law judge may 
determine the extent to which an in-
tervenor may participate in the pro-

§ 13.207

Certification of documents. 

(a) Signature required. The attorney of 

record, the party, or the party’s rep-
resentative shall sign each document 
tendered for filing with the hearing 
docket clerk, the administrative law 
judge, the FAA decisionmaker on ap-
peal, or served on each party. 

(b)  Effect of signing a document. By 

signing a document, the attorney of 
record, the party, or the party’s rep-
resentative certifies that the attorney, 
the party, or the party’s representative 
has read the document and, based on 
reasonable inquiry and to the best of 
that person’s knowledge, information, 
and belief, the document is— 

(1) Consistent with these rules; 

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