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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 13.208 

(2) Warranted by existing law or that 

a good faith argument exists for exten-
sion, modification, or reversal of exist-
ing law; and 

(3) Not unreasonable or unduly bur-

densome or expensive, not made to har-
ass any person, not made to cause un-
necessary delay, not made to cause 
needless increase in the cost of the pro-
ceedings, or for any other improper 

(c)  Sanctions.  If the attorney of 

record, the party, or the party’s rep-
resentative signs a document in viola-
tion of this section, the administrative 
law judge or the FAA decisionmaker 

(1) Strike the pleading signed in vio-

lation of this section; 

(2) Strike the request for discovery or 

the discovery response signed in viola-
tion of this section and preclude fur-
ther discovery by the party; 

(3) Deny the motion or request signed 

in violation of this section; 

(4) Exclude the document signed in 

violation of this section from the 

(5) Dismiss the interlocutory appeal 

and preclude further appeal on that 
issue by the party who filed the appeal 
until an initial decision has been en-
tered on the record; or 

(6) Dismiss the appeal of the adminis-

trative law judge’s initial decision to 
the FAA decisionmaker. 

§ 13.208


(a)  Filing.  The agency attorney shall 

file the original and one copy of the 
complaint with the hearing docket 
clerk, or may file a written motion 
pursuant to § l3.218(f)(2)(i) of this sub-
part instead of filing a complaint, not 
later than 20 days after receipt by the 
agency attorney of a request for hear-
ing. The agency attorney should sug-
gest a location for the hearing when 
filing the complaint. 

(b)  Service.  An agency attorney shall 

personally deliver or mail a copy of the 
complaint on the respondent, the presi-
dent of the corporation or company 
named as a respondent, or a person des-
ignated by the respondent to accept 
service of documents in the civil pen-
alty action. 

(c)  Contents.  A complaint shall set 

forth the facts alleged, any regulation 

allegedly violated by the respondent, 
and the proposed civil penalty in suffi-
cient detail to provide notice of any 
factual or legal allegation and pro-
posed civil penalty. 

(d) Motion to dismiss allegations or com-

plaint.  Instead of filing an answer to 
the complaint, a respondent may move 
to dismiss the complaint, or that part 
of the complaint, alleging a violation 
that occurred on or after August 2, 
1990, and more than 2 years before an 
agency attorney issued a notice of pro-
posed civil penalty to the respondent. 

(1) An administrative law judge may 

not grant the motion and dismiss the 
complaint or part of the complaint if 
the administrative law judge finds that 
the agency has shown good cause for 
any delay in issuing the notice of pro-
posed civil penalty. 

(2) If the agency fails to show good 

cause for any delay, an administrative 
law judge may dismiss the complaint, 
or that part of the complaint, alleging 
a violation that occurred more than 2 
years before an agency attorney issued 
the notice of proposed civil penalty to 
the respondent. 

(3) A party may appeal the adminis-

trative law judge’s ruling on the mo-
tion to dismiss the complaint or any 
part of the complaint in accordance 
with § 13.219(b) of this subpart. 

[Amdt. 13–21, 55 FR 27575, July 3, 1990, as 
amended by Amdt. 13–22, 55 FR 31176, Aug. 1, 

§ 13.209


(a)  Writing required. A respondent 

shall file a written answer to the com-
plaint, or may file a written motion 
pursuant to § 13.208(d) or § 13.218(f)(1–4) 
of this subpart instead of filing an an-
swer, not later than 30 days after serv-
ice of the complaint. The answer may 
be in the form of a letter but must be 
dated and signed by the person re-
sponding to the complaint. An answer 
may be typewritten or may be legibly 

(b)  Filing and address. A person filing 

an answer shall personally deliver or 
mail the original and one copy of the 
answer for filing with the hearing 
docket clerk, not later than 30 days 
after service of the complaint to the 

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