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§ 13.211 

Hearing Docket at the appropriate ad-
dress set forth in § 13.210(a) of this sub-
part. The person filing an answer 
should suggest a location for the hear-
ing when filing the answer. 

(c)  Service.  A person filing an answer 

shall serve a copy of the answer on the 
agency attorney who filed the com-

(d)  Contents.  An answer shall specifi-

cally state any affirmative defense 
that the respondent intends to assert 
at the hearing. A person filing an an-
swer may include a brief statement of 
any relief requested in the answer. 

(e)  Specific denial of allegations re-

quired.  A person filing an answer shall 
admit, deny, or state that the person is 
without sufficient knowledge or infor-
mation to admit or deny, each num-
bered paragraph of the complaint. Any 
statement or allegation contained in 
the complaint that is not specifically 
denied in the answer may be deemed an 
admission of the truth of that allega-
tion. A general denial of the complaint 
is deemed a failure to file an answer. 

(f)  Failure to file answer. A person’s 

failure to file an answer without good 
cause shall be deemed an admission of 
the truth of each allegation contained 
in the complaint. 

[Doc. No. 18884, 44 FR 63723, Nov. 5, 1979, as 
amended at 70 FR 8238, Feb. 18, 2005] 

§ 13.210

Filing of documents. 

(a) Address and method of filing. A per-

son tendering a document for filing 
shall personally deliver or mail the 
signed original and one copy of each 
document to the Hearing Docket using 
the appropriate address: 

(1)  If delivery is in person, or via expe-

dited courier service: Federal Aviation 
Administration, 600 Independence Ave-
nue, SW., Wilbur Wright Building— 
Suite 2W1000, Washington, DC 20591; 
Attention: Hearing Docket Clerk, 

(2) If delivery is via U.S. Mail: Federal 

Aviation Administration, 800 Independ-
ence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 
20591; Attention: Hearing Docket Clerk, 
AGC–430, Wilbur Wright Building— 
Suite 2W1000. 

(b) Date of filing. A document shall be 

considered to be filed on the date of 
personal delivery; or if mailed, the 
mailing date shown on the certificate 

of service, the date shown on the post-
mark if there is no certificate of serv-
ice, or other mailing date shown by 
other evidence if there is no certificate 
of service or postmark. 

(c)  Form.  Each document shall be 

typewritten or legibly handwritten. 

(d)  Contents.  Unless otherwise speci-

fied in this subpart, each document 
must contain a short, plain statement 
of the facts on which the person’s case 
rests and a brief statement of the ac-
tion requested in the document. 

(e)  Internet accessibility of documents 

filed in the Hearing Docket. (1) Unless 
protected from public disclosure by an 
order of the ALJ under 13.226, all docu-
ments filed in the Hearing Docket are 
accessible through the Federal Docket 
Management System (FDMS): http://  
To access a par-
ticular case file, use the FDMS number 
assigned to the case. 

(2) Decisions and orders issued by the 

Administrator in civil penalty cases, 
indexes of decisions, contact informa-
tion for the FAA Hearing Docket and 
the administrative law judges, the 
rules of practice, and other informa-
tion are available on the FAA civil 
penalty adjudication Web site at: http://






[Amdt. 13–21, 55 FR 27575, July 3, 1990; 55 FR 
29293, July 18, 1990, as amended at 70 FR 8238, 
Feb. 18, 2005; 71 FR 70464, Dec. 5, 2006; 72 FR 
14668, Mar. 29, 2007; 72 FR 68474, Dec. 5, 2007] 

§ 13.211

Service of documents. 

(a)  General.  A person shall serve a 

copy of any document filed with the 
Hearing Docket on each party at the 
time of filing. Service on a party’s at-
torney of record or a party’s designated 
representative may be considered ade-
quate service on the party. 

(b)  Type of service. A person may 

serve documents by personal delivery 
or by mail. 

(c) Certificate of service. A person may 

attach a certificate of service to a doc-
ument tendered for filing with the 
hearing docket clerk. A certificate of 
service shall consist of a statement, 
dated and signed by the person filing 
the document, that the document was 
personally delivered or mailed to each 
party on a specific date. 

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