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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

ยง 13.16 

(5) The action involves an aircraft 

subject to a lien that has been seized 
by the Government; or 

(6) Another action has been brought 

for an injunction based on the same 

(c) Hazardous materials violations. The 

FAA may assess a civil penalty against 
any person who knowingly commits an 
act in violation of 49 U.S.C. chapter 51 
or a regulation prescribed or order 
issued under that chapter, under 49 
U.S.C. 5123 and 49 CFR 1.47(k). An order 
assessing a civil penalty for a violation 
under 49 U.S.C. chapter 51, or a rule, 
regulation, or order issued thereunder, 
is issued only after the following fac-
tors have been considered: 

(1) The nature, circumstances, ex-

tent, and gravity of the violation; 

(2) With respect to the violator, the 

degree of culpability, any history of 
prior violations, the ability to pay, and 
any effect on the ability to continue to 
do business; and 

(3) Such other matters as justice may 


(d)  Order assessing civil penalty. An 

order assessing civil penalty may be 
issued for a violation described in para-
graphs (a) or (c) of this section, or as 
otherwise provided by statute, after 
notice and opportunity for a hearing. A 
person charged with a violation may be 
subject to an order assessing civil pen-
alty in the following circumstances: 

(1) An order assessing civil penalty 

may be issued if a person charged with 
a violation submits or agrees to submit 
a civil penalty for a violation. 

(2) An order assessing civil penalty 

may be issued if a person charged with 
a violation does not request a hearing 
under paragraph (g)(2)(ii) of this sec-
tion within 15 days after receipt of a 
final notice of proposed civil penalty. 

(3) Unless an appeal is filed with the 

FAA decisionmaker in a timely man-
ner, an initial decision or order of an 
administrative law judge shall be con-
sidered an order assessing civil penalty 
if an administrative law judge finds 
that an alleged violation occurred and 
determines that a civil penalty, in an 
amount found appropriate by the ad-
ministrative law judge, is warranted. 

(4) Unless a petition for review is 

filed with a U.S. Court of Appeals in a 
timely manner, a final decision and 

order of the Administrator shall be 
considered an order assessing civil pen-
alty if the FAA decisionmaker finds 
that an alleged violation occurred and 
a civil penalty is warranted. 

(e) Delegation of authority. (1) The au-

thority of the Administrator under 49 
U.S.C. 46301(d), 47531, and 5123, and 49 
CFR 1.47(k) to initiate and assess civil 
penalties for a violation of those stat-
utes or a rule, regulation, or order 
issued thereunder, is delegated to the 
Deputy Chief Counsel for Operations; 
the Assistant Chief Counsel for En-
forcement; the Assistant Chief Counsel, 
Europe, Africa, and Middle East Area 
Office; the Regional Counsel; the Aero-
nautical Center Counsel; and the Tech-
nical Center Counsel. 

(2) The authority of the Adminis-

trator under 49 U.S.C. 5123, 49 CFR 
1.47(k), 49 U.S.C. 46301(d), and 49 U.S.C. 
46305 to refer cases to the Attorney 
General of the United States, or the 
delegate of the Attorney General, for 
collection of civil penalties is dele-
gated to the Deputy Chief Counsel for 
Operations; the Assistant Chief Coun-
sel for Enforcement; Assistant Chief 
Counsel, Europe, Africa, and Middle 
East Area Office; the Regional Counsel; 
the Aeronautical Center Counsel; and 
the Technical Center Counsel. 

(3) The authority of the Adminis-

trator under 49 U.S.C. 46301(f) to com-
promise the amount of a civil penalty 
imposed is delegated to the Deputy 
Chief Counsel for Operations; the As-
sistant Chief Counsel for Enforcement; 
Assistant Chief Counsel, Europe, Afri-
ca, and Middle East Area Office; the 
Regional Counsel; the Aeronautical 
Center Counsel; and the Technical Cen-
ter Counsel. 

(4) The authority of the Adminis-

trator under 49 U.S.C. 5123 (e) and (f) 
and 49 CFR 1.47(k) to compromise the 
amount of a civil penalty imposed is 
delegated to the Deputy Chief Counsel 
for Operations; the Assistant Chief 
Counsel for Enforcement; Assistant 
Chief Counsel, Europe, Africa, and Mid-
dle East Area Office; the Regional 
Counsel; the Aeronautical Center 
Counsel; and the Technical Center 

(f)  Notice of proposed civil penalty. 

civil penalty action is initiated by 

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