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§ 13.17 

request to the agency attorney. The re-
quest for a hearing may be in the form 
of a letter but must be dated and 
signed by the person requesting a hear-
ing. The request for a hearing may be 
typewritten or may be legibly hand-

(i)  Hearing.  If the person charged 

with a violation requests a hearing 
pursuant to paragraph (f)(3) or para-
graph (g)(2)(ii) of this section, the 
original complaint shall be filed with 
the hearing docket clerk and a copy 
shall be sent to the person requesting 
the hearing. The procedural rules in 
subpart G of this part apply to the 
hearing and any appeal. At the close of 
the hearing, the administrative law 
judge shall issue, either orally on the 
record or in writing, an initial deci-
sion, including the reasons for the deci-
sion, that contains findings or conclu-
sions on the allegations contained, and 
the civil penalty sought, in the com-

(j)  Appeal.  Either party may appeal 

the administrative law judge’s initial 
decision to the FAA decisionmaker 
pursuant to the procedures in subpart 
G of this part. If a party files a notice 
of appeal pursuant to § 13.233 of subpart 
G, the effectiveness of the initial deci-
sion is stayed until a final decision and 
order of the Administrator have been 
entered on the record. The FAA deci-
sionmaker shall review the record and 
issue a final decision and order of the 
Administrator that affirm, modify, or 
reverse the initial decision. The FAA 
decisionmaker may assess a civil pen-
alty but shall not assess a civil penalty 
in an amount greater than that sought 
in the complaint. 

(k)  Payment.  A person shall pay a 

civil penalty by sending a certified 
check or money order, payable to the 
Federal Aviation Administration, to 
the agency attorney. 

(l) Collection of civil penalties. If an in-

dividual does not pay a civil penalty 
imposed by an order assessing civil 
penalty or other final order, the Ad-
ministrator may take action provided 
under the law to collect the penalty. 

(m) A party may seek review only of 

a final decision and order of the FAA 
decisionmaker involving a violation of 
the Federal aviation statute or the 
Federal hazardous materials transpor-

tation law. Judicial review is in the 
United States Court of Appeals for the 
District of Columbia Circuit or the 
United States court of appeals for the 
circuit in which the party resides or 
has the party’s principal place of busi-
ness as provided in § 13.235 of this part. 
Neither an initial decision or an order 
issued by an administrative law judge 
that has not been appealed to the FAA 
decisionmaker, nor an order compro-
mising a civil penalty action, may be 
appealed under any of those sections. 

(n)  Compromise.  The FAA may com-

promise the amount of any civil pen-
alty imposed under this section, under 
49 U.S.C. 5123(e), 46031(f), 46303(b), or 
46318 at any time before referring the 
action to the United States Attorney 
General, or the delegate of the Attor-
ney General, for collection. 

(1) An agency attorney may com-

promise any civil penalty action where 
a person charged with a violation 
agrees to pay a civil penalty and the 
FAA agrees not to make a finding of 
violation. Under such agreement, a 
compromise order is issued following 
the payment of the agreed-on amount 
or the signing of a promissory note. 
The compromise order states the fol-

(i) The person has paid a civil penalty 

or has signed a promissory note pro-
viding for installment payments. 

(ii) The FAA makes no finding of a 


(iii) The compromise order shall not 

be used as evidence of a prior violation 
in any subsequent civil penalty pro-
ceeding or certificate action pro-

(2) An agency attorney may com-

promise the amount of a civil penalty 
proposed in a notice, assessed in an 
order, or imposed in a compromise 

[Amdt. 13–32; 70 FR 1813, Jan. 11, 2005; 70 FR 
2925, Jan. 18, 2005, as amended at 70 FR 8238, 
Feb. 18, 2005; 71 FR 70464, Dec. 5, 2006] 

§ 13.17

Seizure of aircraft. 

(a) Under section 903 of the Federal 

Aviation Act of 1958 (49 U.S.C. 1473), a 
State or Federal law enforcement offi-
cer, or a Federal Aviation Administra-
tion safety inspector, authorized in an 
order of seizure issued by the Regional 
Administrator of the region, or by the 

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