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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

Pt. 14 

[Docket No. 28762, 61 FR 67445, Dec. 20, 1996, 
as amended by Docket No. FAA–2016–7004, 
Amdt. 13–38, 81 FR 43467, July 5, 2016; 81 FR 
51080, Aug. 5, 2016; Amdt. 13–39, 82 FR 17100, 
Apr. 10, 2017; Amdt. 13–39A, 82 FR 31440, July 
7, 2017] 

Subpart I—Flight Operational 

Quality Assurance Programs 

§ 13.401

Flight Operational Quality As-

surance Program: Prohibition 
against use of data for enforcement 

(a)  Applicability.  This section applies 

to any operator of an aircraft who op-
erates such aircraft under an approved 
Flight Operational Quality Assurance 
(FOQA) program. 

(b) Definitions. For the purpose of this 

section, the terms— 

(1)  Flight Operational Quality Assur-

ance (FOQA) program means an FAA- 
approved program for the routine col-
lection and analysis of digital flight 
data gathered during aircraft oper-
ations, including data currently col-
lected pursuant to existing regulatory 
provisions, when such data is included 
in an approved FOQA program. 

(2)  FOQA data means any digital 

flight data that has been collected 
from an individual aircraft pursuant to 
an FAA-approved FOQA program, re-
gardless of the electronic format of 
that data. 

(3)  Aggregate FOQA data means the 

summary statistical indices that are 
associated with FOQA event cat-
egories, based on an analysis of FOQA 
data from multiple aircraft operations. 

(c)  Requirements.  In order for para-

graph (e) of this section to apply, the 
operator must submit, maintain, and 
adhere to a FOQA Implementation and 
Operation Plan that is approved by the 
Administrator and which contains the 
following elements: 

(1) A description of the operator’s 

plan for collecting and analyzing flight 
recorded data from line operations on a 
routine basis, including identification 
of the data to be collected; 

(2) Procedures for taking corrective 

action that analysis of the data indi-
cates is necessary in the interest of 

(3) Procedures for providing the FAA 

with aggregate FOQA data; 

(4) Procedures for informing the FAA 

as to any corrective action being un-
dertaken pursuant to paragraph (c)(2) 
of this section. 

(d)  Submission of aggregate data. The 

operator will provide the FAA with ag-
gregate FOQA data in a form and man-
ner acceptable to the Administrator. 

(e)  Enforcement.  Except for criminal 

or deliberate acts, the Administrator 
will not use an operator’s FOQA data 
or aggregate FOQA data in an enforce-
ment action against that operator or 
its employees when such FOQA data or 
aggregate FOQA data is obtained from 
a FOQA program that is approved by 
the Administrator. 

(f)  Disclosure.  FOQA data and aggre-

gate FOQA data, if submitted in ac-
cordance with an order designating the 
information as protected under part 193 
of this chapter, will be afforded the 
nondisclosure protections of part 193 of 
this chapter. 

(g)  Withdrawal of program approval. 

The Administrator may withdraw ap-
proval of a previously approved FOQA 
program for failure to comply with the 
requirements of this chapter. Grounds 
for withdrawal of approval may in-
clude, but are not limited to— 

(1) Failure to implement corrective 

action that analysis of available FOQA 
data indicates is necessary in the inter-
est of safety; or 

(2) Failure to correct a continuing 

pattern of violations following notice 
by the agency; or also 

(3) Willful misconduct or willful vio-

lation of the FAA regulations in this 

[Doc. No. FAA–2000–7554, 66 FR 55048, Oct. 31, 
2001; Amdt. 13–30, 67 FR 31401, May 9, 2002] 


ACT OF 1980 

Subpart A—General Provisions 


Purpose of these rules. 


Proceedings covered. 


Eligibility of applicants. 


Standards for awards. 


Allowance fees and expenses. 

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