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§ 15.7 

the subject of the claim or by the own-
er’s duly authorized agent or legal rep-

(b) A claim for personal injury may 

be presented by the injured person or 
that person’s duly authorized agent or 
legal representative. 

(c) A claim based on death may be 

presented by the executor or adminis-
trator of the decedent’s estate or by 
any other person legally entitled to as-
sert such a claim under applicable 
State law. 

(d) A claim for loss wholly com-

pensated by an insurer with the rights 
of a subrogee may be presented by the 
insurer. A claim for loss partially com-
pensated by an insurer with the rights 
of a subrogee may be presented by the 
insurer or the insured individually, as 
their respective interest appear, or 
jointly. Whenever an insurer presents a 
claim asserting the rights of a 
subrogee, it shall present with its 
claim appropriate evidence that it has 
the rights of a subrogee. 

(e) A claim presented by an agent or 

legal representative shall be presented 
in the name of the claimant, be signed 
by the agent or legal representative, 
show the title or legal capacity of the 
person signing, and be accompanied by 
evidence of authority to present a 
claim on behalf of the claimant as 
agent, executor, administrator, parent, 
guardian, or other representative. 

§ 15.7

Administrative claims; evidence 

and information to be submitted. 

(a) Death. In support of a claim based 

on death, the claimant may be required 
to submit the following evidence or in-

(1) An authenticated death certifi-

cate or other competent evidence show-
ing cause of death, date of death, and 
age of the decedent. 

(2) The decedent’s employment or oc-

cupation at time of death, including 
monthly or yearly salary or earnings 
(if any), and the duration of last em-
ployment or occupation. 

(3) Full names, addresses, birth dates, 

kinship, and marital status of the dece-
dent’s survivors, including identifica-
tion of those survivors who were de-
pendent for support upon the decedent 
at the time of death. 

(4) Degree of support afforded by the 

decedent to each survivor dependent 
upon decedent for support at the time 
of death. 

(5) Decedent’s general, physical, and 

mental conditions before death. 

(6) Itemized bills for medical and bur-

ial expenses incurred by reason of the 
incident causing death or itemized re-
ceipts of payment for such expenses. 

(7) If damages for pain and suffering 

prior to death are claimed, a physi-
cian’s detailed statement specifying 
the injuries suffered, duration of pain 
and suffering, any drugs administered 
for pain, and the decedent’s physical 
condition in the interval between in-
jury and death. 

(8) Any other evidence or information 

which may have a bearing on either the 
responsibility of the United States for 
the death or the amount of damages 

(b)  Personal injury. In support of a 

claim for personal injury, including 
pain and suffering, the claimant may 
be required to submit the following 
evidence or information: 

(1) A written report by the attending 

physician or dentist setting forth the 
nature and extent of the injuries, na-
ture and extent of treatment, any de-
gree of temporary or permanent dis-
ability, the prognosis, period of hos-
pitalization, and any diminished earn-
ing capacity. 

(2) In addition to the report required 

by paragraph (b)(1) of this section, the 
claimant may be required to submit to 
a physical or mental examination by a 
physician employed by the FAA or an-
other Federal agency. A copy of the re-
port of the examining physician is 
made available to the claimant upon 
the claimant’s written request if the 
claimant has, upon request, furnished 
the report required by paragraph (b)(1), 
and has made or agrees to make avail-
able to the FAA any other physician’s 
reports previously or thereafter made 
on the physical or mental condition 
which is the subject matter of the 

(3) Itemized bills for medical, dental, 

and hospital expenses incurred or 
itemized receipts of payment for such 

(4) If the prognosis reveals the neces-

sity for future treatment, a statement 

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