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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 15.9 

of expected expenses for such treat-

(5) If a claim is made for loss of time 

from employment, a written statement 
from the claimant’s employer showing 
actual time lost from employment, 
whether the claimant is a full or part- 
time employee, and wages or salary ac-
tually lost. 

(6) If a claim is made for loss of in-

come and the claimant is self-em-
ployed, documentary evidence showing 
the amount of earnings actually lost. 

(7) Any other evidence or information 

which may have a bearing on the re-
sponsibility of the United States for 
the personal injury or the damages 

(c)  Property damage. In support of a 

claim for injury to or loss of property, 
real or personal, the claimant may be 
required to submit the following evi-
dence or information: 

(1) Proof of ownership of the property 

interest which is the subject of the 

(2) A detailed statement of the 

amount claimed with respect to each 
item of property. 

(3) An itemized receipt of payment 

for necessary repairs or itemized writ-
ten estimates of the cost of such re-

(4) A statement listing date of pur-

chase, purchase price, and salvage 
value, where repair is not economical. 

(5) Any other evidence or information 

which may have a bearing on either the 
responsibility of the United States for 
the injury to or loss of property or the 
damages claimed. 

§ 15.9

Investigation and examination. 

The FAA may investigate a claim or 

conduct a physical examination of a 
claimant. The FAA may request any 
other Federal agency to investigate a 
claim or conduct a physical examina-
tion of a claimant and provide a report 
of the investigation or examination to 
the FAA. 

Subpart B—Indemnification Under 

Section 1118 of the Federal 
Aviation Act of 1958 



: Amdt. 15–2, 55 FR 18710, May 3, 

1990, unless otherwise noted. 

§ 15.101


This subpart prescribes procedural 

requirements for the indemnification 
of a publisher of aeronautical charts or 
maps under section 1118 of the Federal 
Aviation Act of 1958, as amended, when 
the publisher incurs liability as a re-
sult of publishing— 

(a) A chart or map accurately depict-

ing a defective or deficient flight pro-
cedure or airway that was promulgated 
by the FAA; or 

(b) Aeronautical data that— 
(1) Is visually displayed in the cock-

pit of an aircraft; and 

(2) When visually displayed, accu-

rately depicts a defective or deficient 
flight procedure or airway promulgated 
by the FAA. 

§ 15.103


A publisher that requests indem-

nification under this part will not be 
indemnified if— 

(a) The complaint filed against the 

publisher, or demand for payment 
against the publisher, first occurred be-
fore December 19, 1985; 

(b) The publisher does not negotiate 

a good faith settlement; 

(c) The publisher does not conduct a 

good faith defense; 

(d) The defective or deficient flight 

procedure or airway— 

(1) Was not promulgated by the FAA; 
(2) Was not accurately depicted on 

the publisher’s chart or map; 

(3) Was not accurately displayed on a 

visual display in the cockpit, or 

(4) Was obviously defective or defi-


(e) The publisher does not give notice 

as required by § 15.107 of this part and 
that failure is prejudicial to the Gov-
ernment; or 

(f) The publisher does not appeal a 

lower court’s decision pursuant to a re-
quest by the Administrator under 
§ 15.111(d)(2) of this part. 

§ 15.105

Filing of requests for indem-


A request for indemnification under 

this part— 

(a) May be filed by— 
(1) A publisher described in § 15.101 of 

this part; or 

(2) The publisher’s duly authorized 

agent or legal representative; 

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