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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 16.31 

(b) The investigation may include 

one or more of the following, at the 
sole discretion of the FAA: 

(1) A review of the written submis-

sions or pleadings of the parties, as 
supplemented by any informal inves-
tigation the FAA considers necessary 
and by additional information fur-
nished by the parties at FAA request. 
In rendering its initial determination, 
the FAA may rely entirely on the com-
plaint and the responsive pleadings 
provided under this subpart. Each 
party shall file documents that it con-
siders sufficient to present all relevant 
facts and argument necessary for the 
FAA to determine whether the sponsor 
is in compliance. 

(2) Obtaining additional oral and doc-

umentary evidence by use of the agen-
cy’s authority to compel production of 
such evidence under 49 U.S.C. 40113 and 
46104, and 49 U.S.C. 47122. The Adminis-
trator’s statutory authority to issue 
compulsory process has been delegated 
to the Chief Counsel, the Deputy Chief 
Counsel, the Assistant Chief Counsel 
for Airports and Environmental Law, 
and each Assistant Chief Counsel for a 
region or center. 

(3) Conducting or requiring that a 

sponsor conduct an audit of airport fi-
nancial records and transactions as 
provided in 49 U.S.C. 47107 and 47121. 

[Doc. No. 27783, 61 FR 54004, Oct. 16, 1996, as 
amended at Amdt. 16–1 78 FR 56145, Sept. 12, 

§ 16.31

Director’s Determinations after 


(a) After consideration of the plead-

ings and other information obtained by 
the FAA after investigation, the Direc-
tor will render an initial determination 
and serve it upon each party within 120 
days of the date the last pleading speci-
fied in § 16.23 was due. 

(b)(1) The Director’s Determination 

shall include findings of fact and con-
clusions of law, accompanied by expla-
nations and based upon all material 
issues of fact, credibility of the evi-
dence, law and discretion presented on 
the record, together with a statement 
of the reasons therefor. 

(2) The Director shall issue a deter-

mination or rule in a party’s favor only 
if the determination or ruling is in ac-
cordance with law and supported by a 

preponderance of the reliable, pro-
bative, and substantial evidence con-
tained in the record. 

(c) A party adversely affected by the 

Director’s Determination may appeal 
the initial determination as provided 
in § 16.33. However, if the Director’s De-
termination that is appealed contains a 
Corrective Action Plan, the Director 
has the discretion to suspend the Cor-
rective Action Plan until the appeal is 

(d) If the Director’s Determination 

finds the respondent in noncompliance 
and proposes the issuance of a compli-
ance order, the initial determination 
will include notice of opportunity for a 
hearing under subpart F of this part if 
a hearing is required by statute or oth-
erwise provided by the FAA. A hearing 
may be required by statute if the FAA 
determination would terminate eligi-
bility for grants under 49 U.S.C. 
47114(c) or (e), or terminate payments 
on a grant agreement under 49 U.S.C. 
subchapter 471. The respondent may 
elect or waive a hearing, as provided in 
subpart E of this part. 

(e) The Director will not consider re-

quests for rehearing, reargument, re-
consideration, or modification of a Di-
rector’s Determination without a find-
ing of good cause. 

[Amdt. 16–1, 78 FR 56145, Sept. 12, 2013] 

§ 16.33

Final decisions without hear-


(a) The Associate Administrator may 

transfer to the FAA Assistant Adminis-
trator for Civil Rights the responsi-
bility to prepare and issue Final Agen-
cy Decisions pursuant to this section 
for appeals with issues concerning civil 

(b) The Associate Administrator will 

issue a final decision on appeal from 
the Director’s Determination, without 
a hearing, where— 

(1) The complaint is dismissed after 


(2) A hearing is not required by stat-

ute and is not otherwise made avail-
able by the FAA; or 

(3) The FAA provides opportunity for 

a hearing to the respondent and the re-
spondent waives the opportunity for a 
hearing as provided in subpart E of this 

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