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§ 16.245 

(3) An express waiver of the right to 

further procedural steps and of all 
rights of judicial review; and 

(4) The hearing order, if issued, and 

an acknowledgment that the hearing 
order may be used to construe the 
terms of the consent order. 

(c) If the issuance of a consent order 

has been agreed upon by all parties to 
the hearing, the proposed consent order 
shall be filed with the hearing officer, 
along with a draft order adopting the 
consent decree and dismissing the case, 
for the hearing officer’s adoption. 

(d) The deadline for the hearing offi-

cer’s initial decision and the final 
agency decision is extended by the 
amount of days elapsed between the fil-
ing of the proposed consent order with 
the hearing officer and the issuance of 
the hearing officer’s order continuing 
the hearing. 

(e) If the agency attorney and spon-

sor agree to dispose of a case by 
issuance of a consent order before the 
FAA issues a hearing order, the pro-
posal for a consent order is submitted 
jointly to the official authorized to 
issue a hearing order, together with a 
request to adopt the consent order and 
dismiss the case. The official author-
ized to issue the hearing order issues 
the consent order as an order of the 
FAA and terminates the proceeding. 

[Doc. No. 27783, 61 FR 54004, Oct. 16, 1996, as 
amended at Amdt. 16–1, 78 FR 56147, Sept. 12, 

§ 16.245

Associate Administrator re-

view after a hearing. 

(a) The Associate Administrator may 

transfer to the FAA Assistant Adminis-
trator for Civil Rights the authority to 
prepare and issue Final Agency Deci-
sions pursuant to § 16.241 for appeals 
from a hearing concerning civil rights 

(b) After a hearing is held, and, after 

considering the issues as set forth in 
§ 16.245(e), if the Associate Adminis-
trator determines that the hearing offi-
cer’s initial decision or order should be 
changed, the Associate Administrator 

(1) Make any necessary findings and 

issue an order in lieu of the hearing of-
ficer’s initial decision or order, or 

(2) Remand the proceeding for any 

such purpose as the Associate Adminis-
trator may deem necessary. 

(c) If the Associate Administrator 

takes review of the hearing officer’s 
initial decision on the Associate Ad-
ministrator’s own motion, the Asso-
ciate Administrator will issue a notice 
of review within 20 days of the actual 
date the initial decision is issued. 

(1) The notice sets forth the specific 

findings of fact and conclusions of law 
in the initial decision that are subject 
to review by the Associate Adminis-

(2) Parties may file one brief on re-

view to the Associate Administrator or 
rely on their posthearing brief to the 
hearing officer. A brief on review shall 
be filed not later than 10 days after 
service of the notice of review. Filing 
and service of a brief on review shall be 
by personal delivery. 

(3) The Associate Administrator 

issues a final agency decision and order 
within 30 days of the due date of the 
brief. If the Associate Administrator 
finds that the respondent is not in 
compliance with any Act or any regu-
lation, agreement or document of con-
veyance issued under such Act, the 
final agency order includes a statement 
of corrective action, if appropriate. 

(d) When the final agency decision 

finds a respondent in noncompliance, 
and where a respondent fails to prop-
erly seek judicial review of the final 
agency decision as set forth in subpart 
G of this part, the Associate Adminis-
trator will issue an order remanding 
the case to the Director for the fol-
lowing action: 

(1) In the event that the respondent 

fails to submit, in accordance with the 
final agency decision, a Corrective Ac-
tion Plan acceptable to the FAA within 
the time provided, unless extended by 
the FAA for good cause, and/or if the 
respondent fails to complete the Cor-
rective Action Plan as specified there-
in, the Director may initiate action to 
revoke and/or deny applications for 
Airport Improvement Program grants 
issued under 49 U.S.C. 47114(c)–(e) and 
47115. When the Director concludes 
that the respondent has fully complied 
with the Corrective Action Plan, the 
Director will issue an Order termi-
nating the proceeding. 

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