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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 16.11 

Subpart B—General Rules Appli-

cable to Complaints, Pro-

ceedings Initiated by the FAA, 

and Appeals 

§ 16.11

General processes. 

(a) Under the authority of 49 U.S.C. 

40113 and 47121, the Director may con-
duct investigations, issue orders, and 
take such other actions as are nec-
essary to fulfill the purposes of this 
part. This includes the extension of 
any time period prescribed, where nec-
essary or appropriate for a fair and 
complete consideration of matters be-
fore the agency, prior to issuance of 
the Director’s Determination. 

(b) Notwithstanding any other provi-

sion of this part, upon finding that cir-
cumstances require expedited handling 
of a particular case or controversy, the 
Director may issue an order directing 
any of the following prior to the 
issuance of the Director’s Determina-

(1) Shortening the time period for 

any action under this part consistent 
with due process; 

(2) If other adequate opportunity to 

respond to pleadings is available, 
eliminating the reply, rebuttal, or 
other actions prescribed by this part; 

(3) Designating alternative methods 

of service; or 

(4) Directing such other measures as 

may be required. 

(c) Other than those matters con-

cerning a Corrective Action Plan, the 
jurisdiction of the Director terminates 
upon the issuance of the Director’s De-
termination. All matters arising dur-
ing the appeal period, such as requests 
for extension of time to make an ap-
peal, will be addressed by the Associate 

(d) The Director may transfer to the 

FAA Deputy Assistant Administrator 
for Civil Rights or Office of Civil 
Rights designee the authority to pre-
pare and issue Director’s Determina-
tions pursuant to § 16.31 for complaints 
alleging violations of section 505(d) of 
the Airport and Airway Improvement 
Act of 1982, and the requirements con-
cerning civil rights and/or Disadvan-
taged Business Enterprise (DBE) issues 
contained in 49 U.S.C. 47107(e) and 49 
U.S.C. 47113; 49 U.S.C. 47123; 49 U.S.C. 
322, as amended; 49 CFR parts 23 and/or 

26; and/or grant assurance 30 and/or 
grant assurance 37. 

[Doc. No. 27783, 61 FR 54004, Oct. 16, 1996, as 
amended at Amdt. 16–1, 78 FR 56142, Sept. 12, 

§ 16.13

Filing of documents. 

Except as otherwise provided in this 

part, documents shall be filed with the 
FAA during a proceeding under this 
part as follows: 

(a)  Filing address. Documents filed 

under this Part shall be filed with the 
Office of the Chief Counsel, Attention: 
FAA Part 16 Docket Clerk, AGC–600, 
Federal Aviation Administration, 800 
Independence Avenue SW., Washington, 
DC 20591. Documents to be filed with a 
hearing officer shall be filed at the ad-
dress and in the manner stated in the 
hearing order. 

(b) Date and method of filing. Filing of 

any document shall be by personal de-
livery or mail as defined in this part, 
by facsimile (when confirmed by filing 
on the same date by one of the fore-
going methods), or electronically as set 
forth in paragraph (h) of this section. 
Unless the date is shown to be inac-
curate, documents filed with the FAA 
shall be deemed to be filed on the date 
of personal delivery, on the mailing 
date shown on the certificate of serv-
ice, on the date shown on the postmark 
if there is no certificate of service, on 
the send date shown on the facsimile 
(provided filing has been confirmed 
through one of the foregoing methods), 
or on the mailing date shown by other 
evidence if there is no certificate of 
service and no postmark. Unless the 
date is shown to be inaccurate, docu-
ments filed electronically shall be 
deemed to be filed on the date shown 
on the certificate of service or, if none, 
the date of electronic transmission to 
the last party required to be served. 

(c)  Number of copies. With the excep-

tion of electronic filing or unless oth-
erwise specified, an executed original 
and three copies of each document 
shall be filed with the FAA Part 16 
Docket Clerk. One of the three copies 
shall not be stapled, bound or hole- 
punched. Copies need not be signed, but 
the name of the person signing the 
original shall be shown. If a hearing 
order has been issued in the case, one 
of the three copies shall be filed with 

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