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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 16.13 

the hearing officer unless otherwise 
prescribed by the hearing officer. 


Form.  Documents filed under this 

part shall: 

(1) Be typewritten or legibly printed; 
(2) Include, in the case of docketed 

proceedings, the docket number of the 
proceeding on the front page; and 

(3) Be marked to identify personal, 

privileged or proprietary information. 
Decisions for the publication and re-
lease of these documents will be made 
in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552 and 49 
CFR part 7. 


Signing of documents and other pa-

pers.  The original of every document 
filed shall be signed by the person fil-
ing it or the person’s duly authorized 
representative. The signature shall 
serve as a certification that the signer 
has read the document and, based on 
reasonable inquiry and to the best of 
the signer’s knowledge, information, 
and belief, the document is— 

(1) Consistent with this part; 
(2) Warranted by existing law or that 

a good faith argument exists for exten-
sion, modification, or reversal of exist-
ing law; and 

(3) Not interposed for any improper 

purpose, such as to harass or to cause 
unnecessary delay or needless increase 
in the cost of the administrative proc-


Designation of person to receive serv-

ice.  The initial document filed by any 
person shall state on the first page the 
name, physical address, telephone 
number, facsimile number, if any, and 
email address, if filing electronically, 
of the person(s) to be served with docu-
ments in the proceeding. If any of these 
items change during the proceeding, 
the person shall promptly file notice of 
the change with the FAA Part 16 Dock-
et Clerk and the hearing officer and 
shall serve the notice on all parties. 


Docket numbers. Each submission 

identified as a complaint under this 
part by the submitting person will be 
assigned a docket number. 


Electronic filing. (1) The initial 

complaint may be served electronically 
upon the respondent only if the re-
spondent has previously agreed with 
the complainant in writing to partici-
pate in electronic filing. Documents 
may be filed under this Part electroni-
cally by sending an email containing 

(an) attachment(s) of (a) PDF file(s) of 
the required pleading to the FAA 
Docket Clerk, and the person des-
ignated in paragraph (h)(3) of this sec-

(2) The subject line of the email must 

contain the names of the complainant 
and respondent, and must contain the 
FAA docket number (if assigned). The 
size of each email must be less than 10 
MB. Email attachments containing 
executable files (e.g., .exe and .vbs 
files) will not be accepted. 

(3) The email address at which the 

parties may file the documents de-
scribed in this section is 

9-AWA-AGC-  No acknowledgement 
or receipt will be provided by the FAA 
to parties using this method. A party 
filing electronically as described in 
this section must provide to the FAA 
Part 16 Docket Clerk and the opposing 
party an email address of the person 
designated by the party to receive 

(4) By filing a pleading or document 

electronically as described in this sec-
tion, a party waives the rights under 
this part for service by the opposing 
party and the FAA by methods other 
than email. If a party subsequently de-
cides to ‘‘opt-out’’ of electronic filing, 
that party must so notify the FAA 
Part 16 Docket Clerk and the other 
party in writing, from which time the 
FAA and the parties will begin serving 
the opting-out party in accordance 
with §§ 16.13 and 16.15. This subsection 
only exempts the parties from the fil-
ing and service requirements in 
§ 16.13(a) (with the exception that 
‘‘Documents to be filed with a hearing 
officer shall be filed at the address and 
in the manner stated in the hearing 
order.’’), the method of filing require-
ments in § 16.13(b), and the number of 
documents requirements in § 16.13(c). 


Internet accessibility of documents 

filed in the Hearing Docket. (1) Unless 
protected from public disclosure, all 
documents filed in the Hearing Docket 
are accessible through the Federal 
Docket Management System (FDMS):  To access a 
particular case file, use the FDMS 
number assigned to the case. 

(2) Determinations issued by the Di-

rector and Associate Administrator in 

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