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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 17.25 

(5) Terminate an existing contract 

for the FAA’s convenience; 

(6) Direct an award to the protester; 
(7) Award bid and proposal costs; or 
(8) Any other remedy consistent with 

the AMS that is appropriate under the 

(b) In determining the appropriate 

recommendation, the ODRA may con-
sider the circumstances surrounding 
the procurement or proposed procure-
ment including, but not limited to: the 
nature of the procurement deficiency; 
the degree of prejudice to other parties 
or to the integrity of the acquisition 
system; the good faith of the parties; 
the extent of performance completed; 
the feasibility of any proposed remedy; 
the urgency of the procurement; the 
cost and impact of the recommended 
remedy; and the impact on the Agen-
cy’s mission. 

(c) Attorney’s fees of a prevailing 

protester are allowable to the extent 
permitted by the Equal Access to Jus-
tice Act, 5 U.S.C. 504(a)(1) (EAJA) and 
14 CFR part 14. 

Subpart C—Contract Disputes 

§ 17.25

Dispute resolution process for 

contract disputes. 

(a) All contract disputes arising 

under contracts subject to the AMS 
shall be resolved under this subpart. 

(b) Contract disputes shall be filed 

with the ODRA pursuant to § 17.27. 

(c) The ODRA has broad discretion to 

recommend remedies for a contract 
dispute that are consistent with the 
AMS and applicable law, including 
such equitable remedies or other rem-
edies as it deems appropriate. 

§ 17.27

Filing a contract dispute. 

(a) Contract disputes must be in writ-

ing and should contain: 

(1) The contractor’s name, address, 

telephone and Fax numbers and the 
name, address, telephone and Fax num-
bers of the contractor’s legal represent-
ative(s) (if any) for the contract dis-

(2) The contract number and the 

name of the Contracting Officer; 

(3) A detailed chronological state-

ment of the facts and of the legal 
grounds underlying the contract dis-
pute, broken down by individual claim 

item, citing to relevant contract provi-
sions and attaching copies of the con-
tract and other relevant documents; 

(4) Information establishing the 

ODRA’s jurisdiction and the timeliness 
of the contract dispute; 

(5) A request for a specific remedy, 

and the amount, if known, of any mon-
etary remedy requested, together with 
pertinent cost information and docu-
mentation (e.g., invoices and cancelled 
checks). Supporting documentation 
should be broken down by individual 
claim item and summarized; and 

(6) The signature of a duly authorized 

representative of the initiating party. 

(b) Contract Disputes shall be filed 

with the ODRA, AGC–70, Federal Avia-
tion Administration, telephone (202) 
267–3290 as follows: 

(1) 600 Independence Avenue SW., 

Room 2W100, Washington, DC 20591 for 
filing by hand delivery, courier or 
other form of in-person delivery; 

(2) 800 Independence Avenue SW., 

Washington, DC 20591 [Attention: AGC– 
70, Wilbur Wright Bldg., Room 2W100] 
for filing by U.S. Mail; or 

(3) Numbers (202) 267–3720 or alternate 

(202) 267–1293 for filing by facsimile. 

(c) A contract dispute against the 

FAA shall be filed with the ODRA 
within two (2) years of the accrual of 
the contract claim involved. A con-
tract dispute by the FAA against a 
contractor (excluding contract disputes 
alleging warranty issues, fraud or la-
tent defects) likewise shall be filed 
within two (2) years of the accrual of 
the contract claim. If an underlying 
contract entered into prior to the effec-
tive date of this part provides for time 
limitations for filing of contract dis-
putes with the ODRA, which differ 
from the aforesaid two (2) year period, 
the limitation periods in the contract 
shall control over the limitation period 
of this section. In no event will either 
party be permitted to file with the 
ODRA a contract dispute seeking an 
equitable adjustment or other damages 
after the contractor has accepted final 
contract payment, with the exception 
of FAA contract disputes related to 
warranty issues, gross mistakes 
amounting to fraud or latent defects. 
FAA contract disputes against the con-
tractor based on warranty issues must 
be filed within the time specified under 

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