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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 17.33 

(b) Any party may request by mo-

tion, or the ODRA on its own initiative 
may recommend or direct, that a sum-
mary decision be issued with respect to 
a contract dispute, or any count or por-
tion thereof if there are no material 
facts in dispute and a party is entitled 
to a summary decision as a matter of 

(c) In connection with any potential 

dismissal of a contract dispute, or sum-
mary decision, the ODRA will consider 
any material facts in dispute in a light 
most favorable to the party against 
whom the dismissal or summary deci-
sion would be entered, and draw all fac-
tual inferences in favor of that party. 

(d) At any time, whether pursuant to 

a motion or on its own initiative and 
at its discretion, the ODRA may: 

(1) Dismiss or strike a count or por-

tion of a contract dispute or enter a 
partial summary decision; 

(2) Recommend to the Administrator 

that the entire contract dispute be dis-
missed or that a summary decision be 
entered; or 

(3) With a delegation from the Ad-

ministrator, dismiss the entire con-
tract dispute or enter a summary deci-
sion with respect to the entire contract 

(e) An order of dismissal of the entire 

contract dispute or summary decision 
with respect to the entire contract dis-
pute, issued either by the Adminis-
trator or by the ODRA, on the grounds 
set forth in this section, shall con-
stitute a final agency order. An ODRA 
order dismissing or striking a count or 
portion of a contract dispute or enter-
ing a partial summary judgment shall 
not constitute a final agency order, un-
less and until such ODRA order is in-
corporated or otherwise adopted in a 
final agency decision of the Adminis-
trator or the Administrator’s delegee 
regarding the remainder of the dispute. 

(f) Prior to recommending or enter-

ing either a dismissal or a summary de-
cision, either in whole or in part, the 
ODRA shall afford all parties against 
whom the dismissal or summary deci-
sion would be entered the opportunity 
to respond to a proposed dismissal or 
summary decision. 

§ 17.33

Adjudicative Process for con-

tract disputes. 

(a) The Adjudicative Process for con-

tract disputes will be commenced by 
the ODRA Director upon being notified 
by the ADR neutral or by any party 
that either— 

(1) The parties will not be attempting 

ADR; or 

(2) The parties have not settled all of 

the dispute issues via ADR, and it is 
unlikely that they can do so within the 
time period allotted and/or any reason-
able extension. 

(b) In cases initiated by a contractor 

against the FAA, within twenty (20) 
business days of the commencement of 
the Adjudicative Process or as sched-
uled by the ODRA, the Product Team 
shall prepare and submit to the ODRA, 
with a copy to the contractor, a chron-
ologically arranged and indexed sub-
stantive response, containing a legal 
and factual position regarding the dis-
pute and all documents relevant to the 
facts and issues in dispute. The con-
tractor will be entitled, at a specified 
time, to supplement the record with 
additional documents. 

(c) In cases initiated by the FAA 

against a contractor, within twenty 
(20) business days of the commence-
ment of the Adjudicative Process or as 
scheduled by the ODRA, the contractor 
shall prepare and submit to the ODRA, 
with a copy to the Product Team coun-
sel, a chronologically arranged and in-
dexed substantive response, containing 
a legal and factual position regarding 
the dispute and all documents relevant 
to the facts and issues in dispute. The 
Product Team will be entitled, at a 
specified time, to supplement the 
record with additional documents. 

(d) Unless timely objection is made, 

documents properly filed with the 
ODRA will be deemed admitted into 
the administrative record. Discovery 
requests and responses are not part of 
the record and will not be filed with 
the ODRA, except in connection with a 
motion or other permissible filing. Des-
ignated, relevant portions of such doc-
uments may be filed, with the permis-
sion of the ODRA. 

(e) The Director of the ODRA shall 

assign a DRO or a Special Master to 
conduct adjudicatory proceedings, de-
velop the administrative adjudication 

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