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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 17.53 

§ 17.53

Orders and subpoenas for testi-

mony and document production. 

(a) Parties are encouraged to seek co-

operative and voluntary production of 
documents and witnesses prior to re-
questing a subpoena or an order under 
this section. 

(b) Upon request by a party, or on his 

or her own initiative, a DRO or Special 
Master may, for good cause shown, 
order a person to give testimony by 
deposition and to produce records. Sec-
tion 46104(c) of Title 49 of the United 
States Code governs the conduct of 
depositions or document production. 

(c) Upon request by a party, or on his 

or her own initiative, a DRO or Special 
Master may, for good cause shown, sub-
poena witnesses or records related to a 
hearing from any place in the United 
States to the designated place of a 

(d) A subpoena or order under this 

section may be served by a United 
States marshal or deputy marshal, or 
by any other person who is not a party 
and not less than 18 years of age. Serv-
ice upon a person named therein shall 
be made by personally delivering a 
copy to that person and tendering the 
fees for one day’s attendance and the 
mileage provided by 28 U.S.C. 1821 or 
other applicable law; however, where 
the subpoena is issued on behalf of the 
Product Team, money payments need 
not be tendered in advance of attend-
ance. The person serving the subpoena 
or order shall file a declaration of serv-
ice with the ODRA, executed in the 
form required by 28 U.S.C. 1746. The 
declaration of service shall be filed 
promptly with the ODRA, and before 
the date on which the person served 
must respond to the subpoena or order. 

(e) Upon written motion by the per-

son subpoenaed or ordered under this 
section, or by a party, made within ten 
(10) business days after service, but in 
any event not later than the time spec-
ified in the subpoena or order for com-
pliance, the DRO may— 

(1) Rescind or modify the subpoena or 

order if it is unreasonable and oppres-
sive or for other good cause shown, or 

(2) Require the party on whose behalf 

the subpoena or order was issued to ad-
vance the reasonable cost of producing 
documentary evidence. Where cir-
cumstances require, the DRO may act 

upon such a motion at any time after a 
copy has been served upon all parties. 

(f) The party that requests the DRO 

to issue a subpoena or order under this 
section shall be responsible for the pay-
ment of fees and mileage, as required 
by 49 U.S.C. 46104(d), for witnesses, offi-
cers who serve the order, and the offi-
cer before whom a deposition is taken. 

(g) Subpoenas and orders issued 

under this section may be enforced in a 
judicial proceeding under 49 U.S.C. 

§ 17.55

Standing orders of the ODRA 


The Director may issue such Stand-

ing Orders as necessary for the orderly 
conduct of business before the ODRA. 

Subpart G—Pre-Disputes 

§ 17.57

Dispute resolution process for 


(a) All potential disputes arising 

under contracts or solicitations with 
the FAA may be resolved with the con-
sent of the parties to the dispute under 
this subpart. 

(b) Pre-disputes shall be filed with 

the ODRA pursuant to § 17.59. 

(c) The time limitations for the filing 

of Protests and Contract Disputes es-
tablished in §§ 17.15(a) and 17.27(c) will 
not be extended by efforts to resolve 
the dispute under this subpart. 

§ 17.59

Filing a Pre-dispute. 

(a) A Pre-dispute must be in writing, 

affirmatively state that it is a Pre-dis-
pute pursuant to this subpart, and 
shall contain: 

(1) The party’s name, address, tele-

phone and Fax numbers and the name, 
address, telephone and Fax numbers of 
the contractor’s legal representative(s) 
(if any); 

(2) The contract or solicitation num-

ber and the name of the Contracting 

(3) A chronological statement of the 

facts and of the legal grounds for the 
party’s positions regarding the dispute 
citing to relevant contract or solicita-
tion provisions and documents and at-
taching copies of those provisions and 
documents; and 

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