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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 17.1 



: 5 U.S.C. 570–581, 49 U.S.C. 

106(f)(2), 40110, 40111, 40112, 46102, 46014, 46105, 
46109, and 46110. 



: 76 FR 55221, Sept. 7, 2011, unless 

otherwise noted. 

Subpart A—General 

§ 17.1


This part applies to all Acquisition 

Management System (AMS) bid pro-
tests and contract disputes involving 
the FAA that are filed at the Office of 
Dispute Resolution for Acquisition 
(ODRA) on or after October 7, 2011, 
with the exception of those contract 
disputes arising under or related to 
FAA contracts entered into prior to 
April 1, 1996, where such contracts have 
not been modified to be made subject 
to the FAA AMS. This part also applies 
to pre-disputes as described in subpart 
G of this part. 

§ 17.3


(a) Accrual means to come into exist-

ence as a legally enforceable claim. 

(b)  Accrual of a contract claim means 

that all events relating to a claim have 
occurred, which fix liability of either 
the government or the contractor and 
permit assertion of the claim, regard-
less of when the claimant actually dis-
covered those events. For liability to 
be fixed, some injury must have oc-
curred. Monetary damages need not 
have been incurred, but if the claim is 
for money, such damages must be capa-
ble of reasonable estimation. The ac-
crual of a claim or the running of the 
limitations period may be tolled on eq-
uitable grounds, including but not lim-
ited to active concealment, fraud, or if 
the facts were inherently unknowable. 

(c)  Acquisition Management System 

(AMS) establishes the policies, guiding 
principles, and internal procedures for 
the FAA’s acquisition system. 

(d) Adjudicative Process is an adminis-

trative adjudicatory process used to de-
cide protests and contract disputes 
where the parties have not achieved 
resolution through informal commu-
nication or the use of ADR. The Adju-
dicative Process is conducted by a Dis-
pute Resolution Officer (DRO) or Spe-
cial Master selected by the ODRA Di-
rector to preside over the case in ac-
cordance with Public Law 108–176, Sec-

tion 224, Codified at 49 U.S.C. 

(e)  Administrator  means the Adminis-

trator of the Federal Aviation Admin-


Alternative Dispute Resolution 

(ADR) is the primary means of vol-
untary dispute resolution that is em-
ployed by the ODRA. See Appendix A 
of this part. 

(g)  Compensated Neutral refers to an 

impartial third party chosen by the 
parties to act as a facilitator, medi-
ator, or arbitrator functioning to re-
solve the protest or contract dispute 
under the auspices of the ODRA. The 
parties pay equally for the services of a 
compensated neutral, unless otherwise 
agreed to by the parties. An ODRA 
DRO or neutral cannot be a com-
pensated neutral. 

(h)  Contract Dispute, as used in this 

part, means a written request to the 
ODRA seeking, as a matter of right 
under an FAA contract subject to the 
AMS, the payment of money in a sum 
certain, the adjustment or interpreta-
tion of contract terms, or for other re-
lief arising under, relating to, or in-
volving an alleged breach of that con-
tract. A contract dispute does not re-
quire, as a prerequisite, the issuance of 
a Contracting Officer final decision. 
Contract disputes, for purposes of ADR 
only, may also involve contracts not 
subject to the AMS. 

(i)  Counsel  refers to a Legal Rep-

resentative who is an attorney licensed 
by a State, the District of Columbia, or 
a territory of the United States to 
practice law or appear before the 
courts of that State or territory. 

(j)  Contractor  is a party in contrac-

tual privity with the FAA and respon-
sible for performance of a contract’s 

(k)  Discovery  is the procedure where-

by opposing parties in a protest or con-
tract dispute may, either voluntarily 
or to the extent ordered by the ODRA, 
obtain testimony from, or documents 
and information held by, other parties 
or non-parties. 

(l)  Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO) is 

an attorney and member of the ODRA 
staff. The term DRO can include the 
Director of the ODRA. 

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