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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 17.19 

(b) Within five (5) business days of 

the filing of a protest, or as soon there-
after as practicable, the ODRA shall 
convene an initial status conference for 
purposes of: 

(1) Reviewing the ODRA’s ADR and 

adjudication procedures and estab-
lishing a preliminary schedule; 

(2) Identifying legal or other prelimi-

nary or potentially dispositive issues 
and answering the parties’ questions 
regarding the ODRA process; 

(3) Dealing with issues related to pro-

tected information and the issuance of 
any needed protective order; 

(4) Encouraging the parties to con-

sider using ADR; 

(5) Appointing a DRO as a potential 

ADR neutral to assist the parties in 
considering ADR options and devel-
oping an ADR agreement; and 

(6) For any other reason deemed ap-

propriate by the DRO or by the ODRA. 

(c) The Product Team and protester 

will have five (5) business days from 
the date of the initial status con-
ference to decide whether they will at-
tempt to use an ADR process in the 
case. With the agreement of the ODRA, 
ADR may be used concurrently with 
the adjudication of a protest. See 
§ 17.37(e). 

(d) If the Product Team and protester 

elect to use ADR proceedings to resolve 
the protest, they will agree upon the 
neutral to conduct the ADR pro-
ceedings (either an ODRA DRO or a 
compensated neutral of their own 
choosing) pursuant to § 17.37, and shall 
execute and file with the ODRA a writ-
ten ADR agreement. Agreement of any 
intervenor(s) to the use of ADR or the 
resolution of a dispute through ADR 
shall not be required. 

(e) If the Product Team or protester 

indicate that ADR proceedings will not 
be used, or if ADR is not successful in 
resolving the entire protest, the ODRA 
Director upon being informed of the 
situation, will schedule an adjudication 
of the protest. 

§ 17.19

Motions practice and dismissal 

or summary decision of protests. 

(a) Separate motions generally are 

discouraged in ODRA bid protests. 
Counsel and parties are encouraged to 
incorporate any such motions in their 
respective agency responses or com-

ments. Parties and counsel are encour-
aged to attempt to resolve typical mo-
tions issues through the ODRA ADR 
process. The ODRA may rule on any 
non-dispositive motion, where appro-
priate and necessary, after providing 
an opportunity for briefing on the mo-
tion by all affected parties. Unjustifi-
able, inappropriate use of motions may 
result in the imposition of sanctions. 
Where appropriate, a party may re-
quest by dispositive motion to the 
ODRA, or the ODRA may recommend 
or order, that: 

(1) The protest, or any count or por-

tion of a protest, be dismissed for lack 
of jurisdiction, timeliness, or standing 
to pursue the protest; 

(2) The protest, or any count or por-

tion of a protest, be dismissed, if frivo-
lous or without basis in fact or law, or 
for failure to state a claim upon which 
relief may be had; 

(3) A summary decision be issued 

with respect to the protest, or any 
count or portion of a protest, if there 
are no material facts in dispute and a 
party is entitled to summary decision 
as a matter of law. 

(b) In connection with consideration 

of possible dismissal or summary deci-
sion, the ODRA shall consider any ma-
terial facts in dispute, in a light most 
favorable to the party against whom 
the dismissal or summary decision 
would operate and draw all factual in-
ferences in favor of the non-moving 

(c) Either upon motion by a party or 

on its own initiative, the ODRA may, 
at any time, exercise its discretion to: 

(1) Recommend to the Administrator 

dismissal or the issuance of a summary 
decision with respect to the entire pro-

(2) Dismiss the entire protest or issue 

a summary decision with respect to the 
entire protest, if delegated that au-
thority by the Administrator; or 

(3) Dismiss or issue a summary deci-

sion with respect to any count or por-
tion of a protest. 

(d) A dismissal or summary decision 

regarding the entire protest by either 
the Administrator, or the ODRA by 
delegation, shall be construed as a final 
agency order. A dismissal or summary 
decision that does not resolve all 
counts or portions of a protest shall 

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