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§ 21.35 

classes of aircraft defined in § 21.17(b); 

(d) For primary category aircraft, if 

desired, a special inspection and pre-
ventive maintenance program designed 
to be accomplished by an appropriately 
rated and trained pilot-owner. 

(e) Any other data necessary to 

allow, by comparison, the determina-
tion of the airworthiness, noise charac-
teristics, fuel venting, and exhaust 
emissions (where applicable) of later 
products of the same type. 

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§ 21.33

Inspection and tests. 

(a) Each applicant must allow the 

FAA to make any inspection and any 
flight and ground test necessary to de-
termine compliance with the applica-
ble requirements of this subchapter. 
However, unless otherwise authorized 
by the FAA— 

(1) No aircraft, aircraft engine, pro-

peller, or part thereof may be pre-
sented to the FAA for test unless com-
pliance with paragraphs (b)(2) through 
(b)(4) of this section has been shown for 
that aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller, 
or part thereof; and 

(2) No change may be made to an air-

craft, aircraft engine, propeller, or part 
thereof between the time that compli-
ance with paragraphs (b)(2) through 
(b)(4) of this section is shown for that 
aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller, or 
part thereof and the time that it is pre-
sented to the FAA for test. 

(b) Each applicant must make all in-

spections and tests necessary to deter-

(1) Compliance with the applicable 

airworthiness, aircraft noise, fuel vent-
ing, and exhaust emission require-

(2) That materials and products con-

form to the specifications in the type 

(3) That parts of the products con-

form to the drawings in the type de-
sign; and 

(4) That the manufacturing proc-

esses, construction and assembly con-

form to those specified in the type de-

[Doc. No. 5085, 29 FR 14564, Oct. 24, 1964, as 
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§ 21.35

Flight tests. 

(a) Each applicant for an aircraft 

type certificate (other than under 
§§ 21.24 through 21.29) must make the 
tests listed in paragraph (b) of this sec-
tion. Before making the tests the appli-
cant must show— 

(1) Compliance with the applicable 

structural requirements of this sub-

(2) Completion of necessary ground 

inspections and tests; 

(3) That the aircraft conforms with 

the type design; and 

(4) That the FAA received a flight 

test report from the applicant (signed, 
in the case of aircraft to be certificated 
under Part 25 [New] of this chapter, by 
the applicant’s test pilot) containing 
the results of his tests. 

(b) Upon showing compliance with 

paragraph (a) of this section, the appli-
cant must make all flight tests that 
the FAA finds necessary— 

(1) To determine compliance with the 

applicable requirements of this sub-
chapter; and 

(2) For aircraft to be certificated 

under this subchapter, except gliders 
and low-speed, certification level 1 or 2 
airplanes, as defined in part 23 of this 
chapter, to determine whether there is 
reasonable assurance that the aircraft, 
its components, and its equipment are 
reliable and function properly. 

(c) Each applicant must, if prac-

ticable, make the tests prescribed in 
paragraph (b)(2) of this section upon 
the aircraft that was used to show 
compliance with— 

(1) Paragraph (b)(1) of this section; 


(2) For rotorcraft, the rotor drive en-

durance tests prescribed in § 27.923 or 
§ 29.923 of this chapter, as applicable. 

(d) Each applicant must show for 

each flight test (except in a glider or a 
manned free balloon) that adequate 
provision is made for the flight test 

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