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§ 21.50 

name and address of the transferee, and 
the anticipated date of the transfer. 

(c) For a type certificate transfer in 

which the State of Design is changing, 
a type certificate may only be trans-
ferred to or from a person subject to 
the authority of another State of De-
sign if the United States has an agree-
ment with that State of Design for the 
acceptance of the affected product for 
export and import. Each transferor 
must notify the appropriate aircraft 
certification office before such a trans-
fer in a form and manner acceptable to 
the FAA. This notification must in-
clude the applicable type certificate 
number; the name, address, and coun-
try of residence of the transferee; and 
the anticipated date of the transfer. 

(d) Before executing or terminating a 

licensing agreement that makes a type 
certificate available to another person, 
the type certificate holder must notify 
in writing the appropriate aircraft cer-
tification office. This notification must 
include the type certificate number ad-
dressed by the licensing agreement, the 
name and address of the licensee, the 
extent of authority granted the li-
censee, and the anticipated date of the 

[Doc. No. FAA–2006–25877, Amdt. 21–92, 74 FR 
53386, Oct. 16, 2009] 

§ 21.49


The holder of a type certificate must 

make the certificate available for ex-
amination upon the request of the FAA 
or the National Transportation Safety 

[Doc. No. 5085, 29 FR 14564, Oct. 24, 1964, as 
amended by Doc. No. 8084, 32 FR 5769, Apr. 11, 

§ 21.50

Instructions for continued air-

worthiness and manufacturer’s 
maintenance manuals having air-
worthiness limitations sections. 

(a) The holder of a type certificate 

for a rotorcraft for which a Rotorcraft 
Maintenance Manual containing an 
‘‘Airworthiness Limitations’’ section 
has been issued under § 27.1529 (a)(2) or 
§ 29.1529 (a)(2) of this chapter, and who 
obtains approval of changes to any re-
placement time, inspection interval, or 
related procedure in that section of the 
manual, must make those changes 

available upon request to any operator 
of the same type of rotorcraft. 

(b) The holder of a design approval, 

including either a type certificate or 
supplemental type certificate for an 
aircraft, aircraft engine, or propeller 
for which application was made after 
January 28, 1981, must furnish at least 
one set of complete Instructions for 
Continued Airworthiness to the owner 
of each type aircraft, aircraft engine, 
or propeller upon its delivery, or upon 
issuance of the first standard air-
worthiness certificate for the affected 
aircraft, whichever occurs later. The 
Instructions for Continued Airworthi-
ness must be prepared in accordance 
with §§ 23.1529, 25.1529, 25.1729, 27.1529, 
29.1529, 31.82, 33.4, 35.4, or part 26 of this 
subchapter, or as specified in the appli-
cable airworthiness criteria for special 
classes of aircraft defined in § 21.17(b), 
as applicable. If the holder of a design 
approval chooses to designate parts as 
commercial, it must include in the In-
structions for Continued Airworthiness 
a list of commercial parts submitted in 
accordance with the provisions of para-
graph (c) of this section. Thereafter, 
the holder of a design approval must 
make those instructions available to 
any other person required by this chap-
ter to comply with any of the terms of 
those instructions. In addition, 
changes to the Instructions for Contin-
ued Airworthiness shall be made avail-
able to any person required by this 
chapter to comply with any of those in-

(c) To designate commercial parts, 

the holder of a design approval, in a 
manner acceptable to the FAA, must 

(1) A Commercial Parts List; 
(2) Data for each part on the List 

showing that: 

(i) The failure of the commercial 

part, as installed in the product, would 
not degrade the level of safety of the 
product; and 

(ii) The part is produced only under 

the commercial part manufacturer’s 
specification and marked only with the 
commercial part manufacturer’s mark-
ings; and 

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