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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 21.125 

months after the date of issuance of 
the type certificate. 

[Doc. No. FAA–2006–25877, Amdt. 21–92, 74 FR 
53387, Oct. 16, 2009] 

§ 21.125


§ 21.127

Tests: aircraft. 

(a) Each person manufacturing air-

craft under a type certificate must es-
tablish an approved production flight 
test procedure and flight check-off 
form, and in accordance with that 
form, flight test each aircraft pro-

(b) Each production flight test proce-

dure must include the following: 

(1) An operational check of the trim, 

controllability, or other flight charac-
teristics to establish that the produc-
tion aircraft has the same range and 
degree of control as the prototype air-

(2) An operational check of each part 

or system operated by the crew while 
in flight to establish that, during 
flight, instrument readings are within 
normal range. 

(3) A determination that all instru-

ments are properly marked, and that 
all placards and required flight manu-
als are installed after flight test. 

(4) A check of the operational charac-

teristics of the aircraft on the ground. 

(5) A check on any other items pecu-

liar to the aircraft being tested that 
can best be done during the ground or 
flight operation of the aircraft. 

§ 21.128

Tests: aircraft engines. 

(a) Each person manufacturing air-

craft engines under a type certificate 
must subject each engine (except rock-
et engines for which the manufacturer 
must establish a sampling technique) 
to an acceptable test run that includes 
the following: 

(1) Break-in runs that include a de-

termination of fuel and oil consump-
tion and a determination of power 
characteristics at rated maximum con-
tinuous power or thrust and, if applica-
ble, at rated takeoff power or thrust. 

(2) At least five hours of operation at 

rated maximum continuous power or 
thrust. For engines having a rated 
takeoff power or thrust higher than 
rated maximum continuous power or 
thrust, the five-hour run must include 

30 minutes at rated takeoff power or 

(b) The test runs required by para-

graph (a) of this section may be made 
with the engine appropriately mounted 
and using current types of power and 
thrust measuring equipment. 

[Doc. No. 5085, 29 FR 14568, Oct. 24, 1964, as 
amended by Amdt. 21–5, 32 FR 3735, Mar. 4, 

§ 21.129

Tests: propellers. 

Each person manufacturing propel-

lers under a type certificate must give 
each variable pitch propeller an accept-
able functional test to determine if it 
operates properly throughout the nor-
mal range of operation. 

§ 21.130

Statement of conformity. 

Each holder or licensee of a type cer-

tificate who manufactures a product 
under this subpart must provide, in a 
form and manner acceptable to the 
FAA, a statement that the product for 
which the type certificate has been 
issued conforms to its type certificate 
and is in a condition for safe operation. 

[Doc. No. FAA–2006–25877, Amdt. 21–92, 74 FR 
53387, Oct. 16, 2009] 

Subpart G—Production 




: Docket No. FAA–2006–25877, Amdt. 

21–92, 74 FR 53387, Oct. 16, 2009, unless other-
wise noted. 

§ 21.131


This subpart prescribes— 
(a) Procedural requirements for 

issuing production certificates; and 

(b) Rules governing holders of those 


§ 21.132


Any person may apply for a produc-

tion certificate if that person holds, for 
the product concerned— 

(a) A current type certificate, 
(b) A supplemental type certificate, 


(c) Rights to the benefits of that type 

certificate or supplemental type cer-
tificate under a licensing agreement. 

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