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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 21.137 

§ 21.133


Each applicant must apply for a pro-

duction certificate in a form and man-
ner prescribed by the FAA. 

§ 21.135


(a) Each applicant for or holder of a 

production certificate must provide the 
FAA with a document— 

(1) Describing how its organization 

will ensure compliance with the provi-
sions of this subpart; 

(2) Describing assigned responsibil-

ities, delegated authorities, and the 
functional relationship of those respon-
sible for quality to management and 
other organizational components; and 

(3) Identifying an accountable man-


(b) The accountable manager speci-

fied in paragraph (a) of this section 
must be responsible within the appli-
cant’s or production approval holder’s 
organization for, and have authority 
over, all production operations con-
ducted under this part. The account-
able manager must confirm that the 
procedures described in the quality 
manual required by § 21.138 are in place 
and that the production approval hold-
er satisfies the requirements of the ap-
plicable regulations of subchapter C, 
Aircraft. The accountable manager 
must serve as the primary contact with 
the FAA. 

[Doc. No. FAA–2013–0933, Amdt. 21–98, 80 FR 
59031, Oct. 1, 2015] 

§ 21.137

Quality system. 

Each applicant for or holder of a pro-

duction certificate must establish and 
describe in writing a quality system 
that ensures that each product and ar-
ticle conforms to its approved design 
and is in a condition for safe operation. 
This quality system must include: 

(a) Design data control. Procedures for 

controlling design data and subsequent 
changes to ensure that only current, 
correct, and approved data is used. 

(b)  Document control. Procedures for 

controlling quality system documents 
and data and subsequent changes to en-
sure that only current, correct, and ap-
proved documents and data are used. 

(c) Supplier control. Procedures that— 
(1) Ensure that each supplier-pro-

vided product, article, or service con-

forms to the production approval hold-
er’s requirements; and 

(2) Establish a supplier-reporting 

process for products, articles, or serv-
ices that have been released from or 
provided by the supplier and subse-
quently found not to conform to the 
production approval holder’s require-

(d) Manufacturing process control. Pro-

cedures for controlling manufacturing 
processes to ensure that each product 
and article conforms to its approved 

(e)  Inspecting and testing. Procedures 

for inspections and tests used to ensure 
that each product and article conforms 
to its approved design. These proce-
dures must include the following, as 

(1) A flight test of each aircraft pro-

duced unless that aircraft will be ex-
ported as an unassembled aircraft. 

(2) A functional test of each aircraft 

engine and each propeller produced. 

(f)  Inspection, measuring, and test 

equipment control. Procedures to ensure 
calibration and control of all inspec-
tion, measuring, and test equipment 
used in determining conformity of each 
product and article to its approved de-
sign. Each calibration standard must 
be traceable to a standard acceptable 
to the FAA. 

(g)  Inspection and test status. Proce-

dures for documenting the inspection 
and test status of products and articles 
supplied or manufactured to the ap-
proved design. 

(h)  Nonconforming product and article 

control.  (1) Procedures to ensure that 
only products or articles that conform 
to their approved design are installed 
on a type-certificated product. These 
procedures must provide for the identi-
fication, documentation, evaluation, 
segregation, and disposition of noncon-
forming products and articles. Only au-
thorized individuals may make disposi-
tion determinations. 

(2) Procedures to ensure that dis-

carded articles are rendered unusable. 

(i)  Corrective and preventive actions. 

Procedures for implementing correc-
tive and preventive actions to elimi-
nate the causes of an actual or poten-
tial nonconformity to the approved de-
sign or noncompliance with the ap-
proved quality system. 

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