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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 21.138 

(j)  Handling and storage. Procedures 

to prevent damage and deterioration of 
each product and article during han-
dling, storage, preservation, and pack-

(k)  Control of quality records. Proce-

dures for identifying, storing, pro-
tecting, retrieving, and retaining qual-
ity records. A production approval 
holder must retain these records for at 
least 5 years for the products and arti-
cles manufactured under the approval 
and at least 10 years for critical compo-
nents identified under § 45.15(c) of this 

(l)  Internal audits. Procedures for 

planning, conducting, and documenting 
internal audits to ensure compliance 
with the approved quality system. The 
procedures must include reporting re-
sults of internal audits to the manager 
responsible for implementing correc-
tive and preventive actions. 

(m) In-service feedback. Procedures for 

receiving and processing feedback on 
in-service failures, malfunctions, and 
defects. These procedures must include 
a process for assisting the design ap-
proval holder to— 

(1) Address any in-service problem in-

volving design changes; and 

(2) Determine if any changes to the 

Instructions for Continued Airworthi-
ness are necessary. 

(n)  Quality escapes. Procedures for 

identifying, analyzing, and initiating 
appropriate corrective action for prod-
ucts or articles that have been released 
from the quality system and that do 
not conform to the applicable design 
data or quality system requirements. 

(o)  Issuing authorized release docu-

ments.  Procedures for issuing author-
ized release documents for aircraft en-
gines, propellers, and articles if the 
production approval holder intends to 
issue those documents. These proce-
dures must provide for the selection, 
appointment, training, management, 
and removal of individuals authorized 
by the production approval holder to 
issue authorized release documents. 
Authorized release documents may be 
issued for new aircraft engines, propel-
lers, and articles manufactured by the 
production approval holder; and for 
used aircraft engines, propellers, and 
articles when rebuilt, or altered, in ac-
cordance with § 43.3(j) of this chapter. 

When a production approval holder 
issues an authorized release document 
for the purpose of export, the produc-
tion approval holder must comply with 
the procedures applicable to the export 
of new and used aircraft engines, pro-
pellers, and articles specified in § 21.331 
and the responsibilities of exporters 
specified in § 21.335. 

[Docket No. FAA–2006–25877, Amdt. 21–92, 74 
FR 53387, Oct. 16, 2009, as amended by Doc. 
No. FAA–2013–0933, Amdt. 21–98, 80 FR 59031, 
Oct. 1, 2015; Amdt. 21–98A, 80 FR 59031, Dec. 
17, 2015] 

§ 21.138

Quality manual. 

Each applicant for or holder of a pro-

duction certificate must provide a 
manual describing its quality system 
to the FAA for approval. The manual 
must be in the English language and 
retrievable in a form acceptable to the 

§ 21.139

Location of or change to man-

ufacturing facilities. 

(a) An applicant may obtain a pro-

duction certificate for manufacturing 
facilities located outside of the United 
States if the FAA finds no undue bur-
den in administering the applicable re-
quirements of Title 49 U.S.C. and this 

(b) The production certificate holder 

must obtain FAA approval before mak-
ing any changes to the location of any 
of its manufacturing facilities. 

(c) The production certificate holder 

must immediately notify the FAA, in 
writing, of any change to the manufac-
turing facilities that may affect the in-
spection, conformity, or airworthiness 
of its product or article. 

§ 21.140

Inspections and tests. 

Each applicant for or holder of a pro-

duction certificate must allow the FAA 
to inspect its quality system, facilities, 
technical data, and any manufactured 
products or articles and witness any 
tests, including any inspections or 
tests at a supplier facility, necessary 
to determine compliance with this sub-

§ 21.141


The FAA issues a production certifi-

cate after finding that the applicant 

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