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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 21.183 

(1) The applicant presents evidence to 

the FAA that the aircraft conforms to 
a type design approved under a type 
certificate or a supplemental type cer-
tificate and to applicable Airworthi-
ness Directives; 

(2) The aircraft (except an experi-

mentally certificated aircraft that pre-
viously had been issued a different air-
worthiness certificate under this sec-
tion) has been inspected in accordance 
with the performance rules for 100-hour 
inspections set forth in § 43.15 of this 
chapter, or an equivalent performance 
standard acceptable to the FAA, and 
found airworthy by— 

(i) The manufacturer; 
(ii) The holder of a repair station cer-

tificate as provided in Part 145 of this 

(iii) The holder of a mechanic certifi-

cate as authorized in Part 65 of this 
chapter; or 

(iv) The holder of a certificate issued 

under part 121 of this chapter, and hav-
ing a maintenance and inspection orga-
nization appropriate to the aircraft 
type; and 

(3) The FAA finds after inspection, 

that the aircraft conforms to the type 
design, and is in condition for safe op-


Noise requirements. Notwith-

standing all other provisions of this 
section, the following must be com-
plied with for the original issuance of a 
standard airworthiness certificate: 

(1) For transport category large air-

planes and jet (turbojet powered) air-
planes that have not had any flight 
time before the dates specified in 
§ 36.1(d), no standard airworthiness cer-
tificate is originally issued under this 
section unless the FAA finds that the 
type design complies with the noise re-
quirements in § 36.1(d) in addition to 
the applicable airworthiness require-
ments in this section. For import air-
planes, compliance with this paragraph 
is shown if the country in which the 
airplane was manufactured certifies, 
and the FAA finds, that § 36.1(d) (or the 
applicable airplane noise requirements 
of the country in which the airplane 
was manufactured and any other re-
quirements the FAA may prescribe to 
provide noise levels no greater than 
those provided by compliance with 

§ 36.1(d)) and paragraph (c) of this sec-
tion are complied with. 

(2) For normal, utility, acrobatic, 

commuter, or transport category pro-
peller driven small airplanes (except 
for those airplanes that are designed 
for ‘‘agricultural aircraft operations’’ 
(as defined in § 137.3 of this chapter, as 
effective on January 1, 1966) or for dis-
pensing fire fighting materials to 
which § 36.1583 of this chapter does not 
apply) that have not had any flight 
time before the applicable date speci-
fied in part 36 of this chapter, no stand-
ard airworthiness certificate is origi-
nally issued under this section unless 
the applicant shows that the type de-
sign complies with the applicable noise 
requirements of part 36 of this chapter 
in addition to the applicable airworthi-
ness requirements in this section. For 
import airplanes, compliance with this 
paragraph is shown if the country in 
which the airplane was manufactured 
certifies, and the FAA finds, that the 
applicable requirements of part of this 
chapter (or the applicable airplane 
noise requirements of the country in 
which the airplane was manufactured 
and any other requirements the FAA 
may prescribe to provide noise levels 
no greater than those provided by com-
pliance with the applicable require-
ments of part 36 of this chapter) and 
paragraph (c) of this section are com-
plied with. 

(f)  Passenger emergency exit require-

ments. Notwithstanding all other provi-
sions of this section, each applicant for 
issuance of a standard airworthiness 
certificate for a transport category air-
plane manufactured after October 16, 
1987, must show that the airplane 
meets the requirements of § 25.807(c)(7) 
in effect on July 24, 1989. For the pur-
poses of this paragraph, the date of 
manufacture of an airplane is the date 
the inspection acceptance records re-
flect that the airplane is complete and 
meets the FAA-approved type design 

(g)  Fuel venting and exhaust emission 

requirements. Notwithstanding all other 
provisions of this section, and irrespec-
tive of the date of application, no air-
worthiness certificate is issued, on and 
after the dates specified in part 34 for 
the airplanes specified therein, unless 

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