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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 21.502 

provisions of that agreement certifying 
that the individual aircraft engine or 

(1) Conforms to its U.S. type certifi-

cate and is in condition for safe oper-
ation; and 

(2) Has been subjected by the manu-

facturer to a final operational check. 

§ 21.502

Acceptance of articles. 

An article (including an article pro-

duced under a letter of TSO design ap-
proval) manufactured in a foreign 
country or jurisdiction meets the re-
quirements for acceptance under this 
subchapter if— 

(a) That country or jurisdiction is 

subject to the provisions of an agree-
ment with the United States for the ac-
ceptance of that article; 

(b) That article is marked in accord-

ance with part 45 of this chapter; and 

(c) An export airworthiness approval 

has been issued in accordance with the 
provisions of that agreement for that 
article for import into the United 

Subpart O—Technical Standard 

Order Approvals 



: Docket No. FAA–2006–25877, Amdt. 

21–92, 74 FR 53392, Oct. 16, 2009, unless other-
wise noted. 

§ 21.601

Applicability and definitions. 

(a) This subpart prescribes— 
(1) Procedural requirements for 

issuing TSO authorizations; 

(2) Rules governing the holders of 

TSO authorizations; and 

(3) Procedural requirements for 

issuing letters of TSO design approval. 

(b) For the purposes of this subpart— 
(1) A TSO issued by the FAA is a 

minimum performance standard for 
specified articles used on civil aircraft; 

(2) A TSO authorization is an FAA 

design and production approval issued 
to the manufacturer of an article that 
has been found to meet a specific TSO; 

(3) A letter of TSO design approval is 

an FAA design approval for an article 
that has been found to meet a specific 
TSO in accordance with the procedures 
of § 21.621; 

(4) An article manufactured under a 

TSO authorization, an FAA letter of 
acceptance as described in § 21.613(b), or 

an article manufactured under a letter 
of TSO design approval described in 
§ 21.621 is an approved article for the 
purpose of meeting the regulations of 
this chapter that require the article to 
be approved; and 

(5) An article manufacturer is the 

person who controls the design and 
quality of the article produced (or to be 
produced, in the case of an applica-
tion), including any related parts, proc-
esses, or services procured from an out-
side source. 

§ 21.603


(a) An applicant for a TSO authoriza-

tion must apply to the appropriate air-
craft certification office in the form 
and manner prescribed by the FAA. 
The applicant must include the fol-
lowing documents in the application: 

(1) A statement of conformance certi-

fying that the applicant has met the 
requirements of this subpart and that 
the article concerned meets the appli-
cable TSO that is effective on the date 
of application for that article. 

(2) One copy of the technical data re-

quired in the applicable TSO. 

(b) If the applicant anticipates a se-

ries of minor changes in accordance 
with § 21.619, the applicant may set 
forth in its application the basic model 
number of the article and the part 
number of the components with open 
brackets after it to denote that suffix 
change letters or numbers (or combina-
tions of them) will be added from time 
to time. 

(c) If the application is deficient, the 

applicant must, when requested by the 
FAA, provide any additional informa-
tion necessary to show compliance 
with this part. If the applicant fails to 
provide the additional information 
within 30 days after the FAA’s request, 
the FAA denies the application and no-
tifies the applicant. 

§ 21.605


(a) Each applicant for or holder of a 

TSO authorization must provide the 
FAA with a document— 

(1) Describing how its organization 

will ensure compliance with the provi-
sions of this subpart; 

(2) Describing assigned responsibil-

ities, delegated authorities, and the 

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