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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 120.219 

accordance with subpart E of this part, 
in addition to alcohol, if the SAP de-
termines that drug testing is necessary 
for the particular employee. Any such 
drug testing shall be conducted in ac-
cordance with the provisions of 49 CFR 
part 40. 

(4) Follow-up testing shall not exceed 

60 months after the date the individual 
begins to perform, or returns to the 
performance of, a safety-sensitive func-
tion. The SAP may terminate the re-
quirement for follow-up testing at any 
time after the first six tests have been 
conducted, if the SAP determines that 
such testing is no longer necessary. 

(5) A covered employee shall be test-

ed for alcohol under this section only 
while the employee is performing safe-
ty-sensitive functions, just before the 
employee is to perform safety-sensitive 
functions, or just after the employee 
has ceased performing such functions. 

(g)  Retesting of covered employees with 

an alcohol concentration of 0.02 or greater 
but less than 0.04. 
Each employer shall 
retest a covered employee to ensure 
compliance with the provisions of 
§ 120.221(f) if the employer chooses to 
permit the employee to perform a safe-
ty-sensitive function within 8 hours 
following the administration of an al-
cohol test indicating an alcohol con-
centration of 0.02 or greater but less 
than 0.04. 

§ 120.219

Handling of test results, 

record retention, and confiden-

(a) Retention of records. (1) General re-

quirement. In addition to the records re-
quired to be maintained under 49 CFR 
part 40, employers must maintain 
records required by this subpart in a 
secure location with controlled access. 

(2) Period of retention. 
(i) Five years. 
(A) Copies of any annual reports sub-

mitted to the FAA under this subpart 
for a minimum of 5 years. 

(B) Records of notifications to the 

Federal Air Surgeon of refusals to sub-
mit to testing and violations of the al-
cohol misuse prohibitions in this chap-
ter by covered employees who hold 
medical certificates issued under part 
67 of this chapter. 

(C) Documents presented by a cov-

ered employee to dispute the result of 

an alcohol test administered under this 

(D) Records related to other viola-

tions of §§ 120.19 or 120.37. 

(ii)  Two years. Records related to the 

testing process and training required 
under this subpart. 

(A) Documents related to the random 

selection process. 

(B) Documents generated in connec-

tion with decisions to administer rea-
sonable suspicion alcohol tests. 

(C) Documents generated in connec-

tion with decisions on post-accident 

(D) Documents verifying existence of 

a medical explanation of the inability 
of a covered employee to provide ade-
quate breath for testing. 

(E) Materials on alcohol misuse 

awareness, including a copy of the em-
ployer’s policy on alcohol misuse. 

(F) Documentation of compliance 

with the requirements of § 120.223(a). 

(G) Documentation of training pro-

vided to supervisors for the purpose of 
qualifying the supervisors to make a 
determination concerning the need for 
alcohol testing based on reasonable 

(H) Certification that any training 

conducted under this subpart complies 
with the requirements for such train-

(b)  Annual reports. (1) Annual reports 

of alcohol testing program results 
must be submitted to the FAA by 
March 15 of the succeeding calendar 
year for the prior calendar year (Janu-
ary 1 through December 31) in accord-
ance with the provisions of paragraphs 
(b)(1)(i) through (iii) of this section. 

(i) Each part 121 certificate holder 

shall submit an annual report each 

(ii) Each entity conducting an alco-

hol testing program under this part, 
other than a part 121 certificate holder, 
that has 50 or more employees per-
forming a safety-sensitive function on 
January 1 of any calendar year shall 
submit an annual report to the FAA for 
that calendar year. 

(iii) The Administrator reserves the 

right to require that aviation employ-
ers not otherwise required to submit 
annual reports prepare and submit 
such reports to the FAA. Employers 
that will be required to submit annual 

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