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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 121.913 

training to the advanced qualification 
program training. 

(d) Advanced Qualification Program re-

visions or rescissions of approval. If after 
a certificate holder begins training and 
qualification under an AQP, the FAA 
finds the certificate holder is not meet-
ing the provisions of its approved AQP, 
the FAA may require the certificate 
holder, pursuant to § 121.405(e), to make 
revisions. Or if otherwise warranted, 
the FAA may withdraw AQP approval 
and require the certificate holder to 
submit and obtain approval for a plan 
(containing a schedule of events) that 
the certificate holder must comply 
with and use to transition to an ap-
proved training program under subpart 
N of this part or under subpart H of 
part 135 of this chapter, as appropriate. 
The certificate holder may also volun-
tarily submit and obtain approval for a 
plan (containing a schedule of events) 
to transition to an approved training 
program under subpart N of this part 
or under subpart H of part 135 of this 
chapter, as appropriate. 

(e)  Approval by the FAA. Final ap-

proval of an AQP by the FAA indicates 
the FAA has accepted the justification 
provided under paragraph (b)(4) of this 
section and the applicant’s initial jus-
tification and continuing process es-
tablish an equivalent level of safety for 
each requirement of parts 61, 63, 65, 121, 
and 135 of this chapter that is being re-

§ 121.911

Indoctrination curriculum. 

Each indoctrination curriculum must 

include the following: 

(a) For newly hired persons being 

trained under an AQP: The certificate 
holder’s policies and operating prac-
tices and general operational knowl-

(b) For newly hired crewmembers and 

aircraft dispatchers: General aero-
nautical knowledge appropriate to the 
duty position. 

(c) For instructors: The fundamental 

principles of the teaching and learning 
process; methods and theories of in-
struction; and the knowledge necessary 
to use aircraft, flight training devices, 
flight simulators, and other training 
equipment in advanced qualification 
curriculums, as appropriate. 

(d) For evaluators: General evalua-

tion requirements of the AQP; methods 
of evaluating crewmembers and air-
craft dispatchers and other operations 
personnel, as appropriate, and policies 
and practices used to conduct the kinds 
of evaluations particular to an AQP 
(e.g., LOE). 

§ 121.913

Qualification curriculum. 

Each qualification curriculum must 

contain training, evaluation, and cer-
tification activities, as applicable for 
specific positions subject to the AQP, 
as follows: 

(a) The certificate holder’s planned 

hours of training, evaluation, and su-
pervised operating experience. 

(b) For crewmembers, aircraft dis-

patchers, and other operations per-
sonnel, the following: 

(1) Training, evaluation, and certifi-

cation activities that are aircraft- and 
equipment-specific to qualify a person 
for a particular duty position on, or du-
ties related to the operation of, a spe-
cific make, model, series, or variant 

(2) A list of and text describing the 

knowledge requirements, subject mate-
rials, job skills, and qualification 
standards of each proficiency objective 
to be trained and evaluated. 

(3) The requirements of the certifi-

cate holder’s approved AQP program 
that are in addition to or in place of, 
the requirements of parts 61, 63, 65, 121 
or 135 of this chapter, including any ap-
plicable practical test requirements. 

(4) A list of and text describing oper-

ating experience, evaluation/remedi-
ation strategies, provisions for special 
tracking, and how recency of experi-
ence requirements will be accom-

(c) For flight crewmembers: Initial 

operating experience and line check. 

(d) For instructors, the following as 


(1) Training and evaluation activities 

to qualify a person to conduct instruc-
tion on how to operate, or on how to 
ensure the safe operation of a par-
ticular make, model, and series air-
craft (or variant). 

(2) A list of and text describing the 

knowledge requirements, subject mate-
rials, job skills, and qualification 

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