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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 121.2 

(B) Section 121.161(b), Ditching ap-


(C) Section 121.305(j), Third attitude 


(D) Section 121.312(c), Passenger seat 

cushion flammability. 

(iv) March 12, 1999: Section 

121.310(b)(1), Interior emergency exit 
locating sign. 

(2)  Transport category turbopropeller 

powered airplanes that have a passenger 
seat configuration of 20–30 seats. 
No cer-
tificate holder may operate under this 
part an airplane that is described in 
paragraph (a)(1)(ii) of this section on or 
after a date listed in paragraph (d)(2) of 
this section unless that airplane meets 
the applicable requirement listed in 
paragraph (d)(2) of this section: 

(i) December 20, 1997: 
(A) Section 121.308, Lavatory fire pro-


(B) Section 121.337(b) (8) and (9), Pro-

tective breathing equipment. 

(C) Section 121.340, Emergency flota-

tion means. 

(ii) December 20, 2010: § 121.305(j), 

third attitude indicator. 

(e)  Newly manufactured airplanes. No 

certificate holder that is described in 
paragraph (a) of this section may oper-
ate under this part an airplane manu-
factured on or after a date listed in 
this paragraph unless that airplane 
meets the applicable requirement list-
ed in this paragraph (e). 

(1) For nontransport category turbo-

propeller powered airplanes type cer-
tificated after December 31, 1964, that 
have a passenger seat configuration of 
10–19 seats: 

(i) Manufactured on or after March 

20, 1997: 

(A) Section 121.305(j), Third attitude 


(B) Section 121.311(f), Safety belts 

and shoulder harnesses. 

(ii) Manufactured on or after Decem-

ber 20, 1997; Section 121.317(a), Fasten 
seat belt light. 

(iii) Manufactured on or after Decem-

ber 20, 1999: Section 121.293, Takeoff 
warning system. 

(iv) Manufactured on or after March 

12, 1999: Section 121.310(b)(1), Interior 
emergency exit locating sign. 

(2) For transport category turbo-

propeller powered airplanes that have a 
passenger seat configuration of 20–30 

seats manufactured on or after March 
20, 1997: Section 121.305(j), Third atti-
tude indicator. 

(f)  New type certification requirements. 

No person may operate an airplane for 
which the application for a type cer-
tificate was filed after March 29, 1995, 
in 14 CFR part 121 operations unless 
that airplane is type certificated under 
part 25 of this chapter. 

(g)  Transition plan. Before March 19, 

1996 each certificate holder described in 
paragraph (a)(1) of this section must 
submit to the FAA a transition plan 
(containing a calendar of events) for 
moving from conducting its scheduled 
operations under the commuter re-
quirements of part 135 of this chapter 
to the requirements for domestic or 
flag operations under this part. Each 
transition plan must contain details on 
the following: 

(1) Plans for obtaining new oper-

ations specifications authorizing do-
mestic or flag operations; 

(2) Plans for being in compliance 

with the applicable requirements of 
this part on or before March 20, 1997; 

(3) Plans for complying with the com-

pliance date schedules contained in 
paragraphs (d) and (e) of this section. 

(h)  Continuing requirements. A certifi-

cate holder described in paragraph (a) 
of this section shall comply with the 
applicable airplane operating and 
equipment requirements of part 135 of 
this chapter for the airplanes described 
in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, until 
the airplane meets the specific compli-
ance dates in paragraphs (d) and (e) of 
this section. 

(i) Any training or qualification ob-

tained by a crewmember under part 135 
of this chapter before March 20, 1997, is 
entitled to credit under this part for 
the purpose of meeting the require-
ments of this part, as determined by 
the Administrator. Records kept by a 
certificate holder under part 135 of this 
chapter before March 20, 1997, can be 
annotated, with the approval of the Ad-
ministrator, to reflect crewmember 

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