Code of Federal Regulations

Title 14 - Aeronautics and Space
Volume: 1Date: 2023-01-01Original Date: 2023-01-01Title: Section 17.15 - Filing a protest.Context: Title 14 - Aeronautics and Space. CHAPTER I - FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. SUBCHAPTER B - PROCEDURAL RULES. PART 17 - PROCEDURES FOR PROTESTS AND CONTRACT DISPUTES. Subpart B - Protests.
§ 17.15 Filing a protest. (a) An interested party may initiate a protest by filing with the ODRA in accordance with § 17.7(a) within the timeframes set forth in this Section. Protests that are not timely filed shall be dismissed. The timeframes applicable to the filing of protests are as follows: (1) Protests based upon alleged SIR or solicitation improprieties that are apparent prior to bid opening or the time set for receipt of initial proposals shall be filed prior to bid opening or the time set for the receipt of initial proposals. (2) In procurements where proposals are requested, alleged improprieties that do not exist in the initial solicitation, but which are subsequently incorporated into the solicitation, must be protested not later than the next closing time for receipt of proposals following the incorporation. (3) For protests other than those related to alleged solicitation improprieties, the protest must be filed on the later of the following two dates: (i) Not later than seven (7) business days after the date the protester knew or should have known of the grounds for the protest; or (ii) If the protester has requested a post-award debriefing from the FAA Product Team, not later than five (5) business days after the date on which the Product Team holds that debriefing. (b) Protests shall be filed with the ODRA, AGC–70, Federal Aviation Administration, telephone (202) 267–3290 as follows: (1) 600 Independence Avenue SW., Room 2W100, Washington, DC 20591 for filing by hand delivery, courier or other form of in-person delivery; (2) 800 Independence Avenue SW., Washington, DC 20591 [Attention: AGC–70, Wilbur Wright Bldg., Room 2W100] for filing by U.S. Mail; or (3) Numbers (202) 267–3720 or alternate (202) 267–1293 for filing by facsimile. (c) A protest shall be in writing, and set forth: (1) The protester's name, address, telephone number, and FAX number; (2) The name, address, telephone number, and FAX number of the protester's legal representative, and who shall be duly authorized to represent the protester, to be the point of contact;
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(3) The SIR number or, if available, the contract number and the name of the CO; (4) The basis for the protester's status as an interested party; (5) The facts supporting the timeliness of the protest; (6) Whether the protester requests a protective order, the material to be protected, and attach a redacted copy of that material; (7) A detailed statement of both the legal and factual grounds of the protest, and one (1) copy of each relevant document; (8) The remedy or remedies sought by the protester, as set forth in § 17.23; (9) The signature of the legal representative, or another person duly authorized to represent the protester. (d) If the protester wishes to request a suspension of the procurement or contract performance, in whole or in part, and believes that a compelling reason(s) exists to suspend the procurement or contract performance because of the protested action, the protester shall, in its initial filing: (1) Set forth such compelling reason(s), supply all facts and documents supporting the protester's position; and (2) Demonstrate— (i) The protester has alleged a substantial case; (ii) The lack of a suspension would be likely to cause irreparable injury; (iii) The relative hardships on the parties favor a suspension; and (iv) That a suspension is in the public interest. (3) Failure of a protester to provide information or documents in support of a requested suspension or failure to address the elements of paragraph (d)(2) of this section may result in the summary rejection of the request for suspension, or a requirement that the protester supplement its request prior to the scheduling of a Product Team response to the request under § 17.17(a). (e) Concurrent with the filing of a protest with the ODRA, the protester shall serve a copy of the protest on the CO and any other official designated in the SIR for receipt of protests, by means reasonably calculated to be received by the CO on the same day as it is to be received by the ODRA. The protest shall include a signed statement from the protester, certifying to the ODRA the manner of service, date, and time when a copy of the protest was served on the CO and other designated official(s). (f) Upon receipt of the protest, the CO shall notify the awardee of a challenged contract award in writing of the existence of the protest. The awardee and/or interested parties shall notify the ODRA in writing, of their interest in participating in the protest as intervenors within two (2) business days of receipt of the CO's notification, and shall, in such notice, designate a person as the point of contact for the ODRA. (g) The ODRA has discretion to designate the parties who shall participate in the protest as intervenors. In protests of awarded contracts, only the awardee may participate as an intervenor as a matter of right. [76 FR 55221, Sept. 7, 2011, as amended by Doc. No. FAA–2017–0075, 82 FR 14429, Mar. 21, 2017]