Code of Federal Regulations

Title 14 - Aeronautics and Space
Volume: 1Date: 2023-01-01Original Date: 2023-01-01Title: Section 21.146 - Responsibility of holder.Context: Title 14 - Aeronautics and Space. CHAPTER I - FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. SUBCHAPTER C - AIRCRAFT. PART 21 - CERTIFICATION PROCEDURES FOR PRODUCTS AND ARTICLES. Subpart G - Production Certificates.
§ 21.146 Responsibility of holder. The holder of a production certificate must— (a) Amend the document required by § 21.135 as necessary to reflect changes in the organization and provide these amendments to the FAA. (b) Maintain the quality system in compliance with the data and procedures approved for the production certificate; (c) Ensure that each completed product or article for which a production certificate has been issued, including primary category aircraft assembled under a production certificate by another person from a kit provided by the holder of the production certificate, presented for airworthiness certification or approval conforms to its approved design and is in a condition for safe operation; (d) Mark the product or article for which a certificate or approval has been issued. Marking must be in accordance with part 45 of this chapter, including any critical parts; (e) Identify any portion of the product or article (e.g., sub-assemblies, component parts, or replacement articles) that leave the manufacturer's facility as FAA approved with the manufacturer's part number and name, trademark, symbol, or other FAA approved manufacturer's identification; (f) Have access to type design data necessary to determine conformity and airworthiness for each product and article produced under the production certificate; (g) Retain its production certificate and make it available to the FAA upon request; and (h) Make available to the FAA information regarding all delegation of authority to suppliers.