Code of Federal Regulations

Title 14 - Aeronautics and Space
Volume: 1Date: 2023-01-01Original Date: 2023-01-01Title: Section 29.803 - Emergency evacuation.Context: Title 14 - Aeronautics and Space. CHAPTER I - FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. SUBCHAPTER C - AIRCRAFT. PART 29 - AIRWORTHINESS STANDARDS: TRANSPORT CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT. Subpart D - Design and Construction. - Personnel and Cargo Accommodations.
Code of Federal Regulations / Title 14 - Aeronautics and Space / Vol. 1 / 2023-01-01614
§ 29.803 Emergency evacuation. (a) Each crew and passenger area must have means for rapid evacuation in a crash landing, with the landing gear (1) extended and (2) retracted, considering the possibility of fire. (b) Passenger entrance, crew, and service doors may be considered as emergency exits if they meet the requirements of this section and of §§ 29.805 through 29.815. (c) [Reserved] (d) Except as provided in paragraph (e) of this section, the following categories of rotorcraft must be tested in accordance with the requirements of appendix D of this part to demonstrate that the maximum seating capacity, including the crewmembers required by the operating rules, can be evacuated from the rotorcraft to the ground within 90 seconds: (1) Rotorcraft with a seating capacity of more than 44 passengers. (2) Rotorcraft with all of the following: (i) Ten or more passengers per passenger exit as determined under § 29.807(b). (ii) No main aisle, as described in § 29.815, for each row of passenger seats. (iii) Access to each passenger exit for each passenger by virtue of design features of seats, such as folding or break-over seat backs or folding seats. (e) A combination of analysis and tests may be used to show that the rotorcraft is capable of being evacuated within 90 seconds under the conditions specified in § 29.803(d) if the Administrator finds that the combination of analysis and tests will provide data, with respect to the emergency evacuation capability of the rotorcraft, equivalent to that which would be obtained by actual demonstration. [Doc. No. 5084, 29 FR 16150, Dec. 3, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 29–3, 33 FR 967, Jan. 26, 1968; Amdt. 27–26, 55 FR 8004, Mar. 6, 1990]